We have shared so many before and after adoption pictures of adorable animals on our platform and you have loved them all. So, here we are again with May month’s addition of r/BeforeNAfterAdoption photos. 

Just like the previous such posts, we are sharing the adorable before and after adoption pictures of cute animals to inspire you to adopt a pet. Even if you want to get a pet, just scroll down to see how happy these cuties are after coming to their fur-ever home. 

My Foster Kitten Is Part Domestic Shorthair, Part Vampire

My Foster Dog Had Never Been Indoors Before. This Is Her First Nap, On A Bed, In A Home

Anytime Someone Asks To Adopt The Pups Separately I Send Them This Picture

A Fantastic Blep From My Newly Adopted Blind Old Kitty, Ambrose

Someone Is Happy To Be Adopted Today

We Had No Plans To Adopt Our Current Foster Dog But Then This Happened

My Neighbor Just Adopted This Little Thing And I Just Can’t

Adopted A 12-Year-Old Cat. Her Look Tells Me She’s Thankful And I’m Smitten

“Old Man Ed’s “I’m Getting Adopted!” Smile Is Both Handsome And Proud” I Am Getting Along Well With The Old Man

The Orange Kitten I Rescued From Under My Stairs Two Days Ago Already Knows How To Pose Like A Supermodel

They Said She Was A Normal Cat When We Adopted Her But I’m Still Not Convinced

Adopted A Stray. Meet Sushi Roll

Meet Zoey, Everyone! My Little 4lb Peanut I Rescued From The Side Of The Road

So, I Adopted My First Cat He’s A Senior With Arthritis, Kidney Disease, And Bad Teeth, But He’s The Absolute Sweetest Boy; It Was Love At First Sight He’s Only Been Here For An Hour, But He Seems To Be Settling Into His Retirement Home Nicely

This Baby Had Been Returned To The Shelter By Previous Adopters. I Will Never Understand How Someone Couldn’t Want Him. He Is The Best Companion And He Is My Best Friend

Been Struggling With Depression And Anxiety For Years. And I Have Finally Decided To Adopt My Own Cat And I Already Feel So Much Better. Say Hi To Princess Leia Everyone

Recently Adopted This Polite Young Lady. Meet Mooncake!

Meet Eugene. He’s A Parvo Survivor That I Fostered For Over A Month, And After 2 Failed Pending Adoptions I Took It As A Sign From The Universe That He Was Meant To Stay Forever

I’m Newly A Divorced Single Mom. I Adopted This Guy Who Had Been Returned To The Shelter. He Thanks Me Every Day…but He’s Got No Idea How Thankful I Am For Him

A Month Ago She Showed Up Crying At Our Window. After Searching For Her Owner And Bringing Her To The Shelter, This Weekend We Officially Adopted Our Sweet Little Junie B

1 Week Post Adoption

Went To Look At New Born Cats And This Guy Crawled Into My Hoodie Filled Out The Adoption Papers Not Just A Minute Later With The Fluff Ball Still In My Hood

We Adopted A 6-Month-Old Pit/Lab Mix Yesterday, Say Hello To Larry Everybody!

I Adopted My First Cat!

Started Volunteering At The Animal Shelter 2 Weeks Ago. Brought Home My First Foster Family Today. Momma And 6 3 Week Old Babies

I Grew Up Thinking Huskies Were Majestic. Then I Adopted Argo

Adopted Two Little Meezers. Named Them Yin And Yang

My Foster Dog Just Got Adopted! I Think He’s Excited

Adopted A Dog Last Week. This Is How She Slept The Other Night

We Adopted A Bulldog Yesterday The Cat Clearly Was Not Excited About It