By any chance, do you fall into that category of people who would visit a restaurant and read the entire menu, only to find out how bad it is made? Many of you must have notice grammatical errors, spacing errors of a bad theme used for creating menus in a club or a restaurant. Somethings a few mistakes are so bad, that people end up sharing the on the Internet for them and others to shame them online.

While this might sound fun to watch, we decided to speak to  Lisa McLendon, the News and Information Track Chair at the University of Kansas and the Bremner Editing Center Coordinator, to know a bit more about why and how are these errors caused. Scroll down if you want to know what insights she gave and some hilarious menu fails examples.

#1 It’s On Their Menu

#2 The Peas Are Upside Down

#3 The Sushi Restaurant, That I Went To, Accidentally Put A Picture Of USB Sushi On Their Menu

“Word placement, typeface, and kerning are crucial for effective, professional-looking logos and layouts,” McLendon from the University of Kansas said. “If it’s just a few words, all-caps is fine, but it’s harder for people to read longer blocks of text in all caps. It’s also harder for people to read italic or highly stylized type, or type along a curve instead of a line.”


#4 This Seductive Duck I Found On A Menu In Vietnam, Complete With An Excellent Typo

#5 Translated The Menu, Boss

#6 This Menu

She did say, that we must all give a break to employees working in a restaurant, “Especially if they’re not native speakers because their job is food, not language,” she said about those employees who are asked to work on the menus because of budgeting issues.

“That said, a particularly awful or amusing typo can make a business go viral in a negative way—not something any business wants. The easiest thing is obvious, but many people forget to do it: run a spell-check. Spell-check will catch any typo that is a misspelling (most typos on restaurant menus are). But spell-check won’t catch typos that result in a word that is still a word, just not the word you want.”

#7 This “Plane” On My Airline Menu

#8 My Friend Is In Florence, Italy And This Restaurant He’s At Has An Assassins Creed Screenshot As Their Menu Background

#9 Anyone Want Some Thai Food?

#10 Subway Salad Menu

#11 This Was The Image Of Choice For An Ice Cream Menu In Austria

#12 This Busy Ice Cream Shop In Seattle Put Their Menu On A Mirror So It’s Impossible To Read

#13 This Picture Isn’t Blurry, That’s How The Menu Looks

#14 French Restaurant Menu

#15 “You’ll Need To Use The Flashlight On Your Phone To Read The Menu” – Waitress

#16 Top-Notch Photoshop On This Greek Menu

#17 This Menu

#18 The Peas On This Menu Photo Are Photoshopped In

#19 An Online Menu For A Restaurant I Was Considering Eating At

#20 The Motherlode Of The 90s Nightmares

#21 Got Those Drinks On The Menu, Boss

#22 This Restaurant Wraps Their Menu Around A Wooden Stick. There Was Absolutely No Explanation Or Purpose To It

#23 This Cocktail Menu

#24 I Honestly Don’t Know What To Look At

#25 I’m Impressed That This Thai Menu Has Text Cropping Both Over And Under The Image

#26 This Menu That Seems To Be Upside Down At First Look

#27 This Restaurant Pirated The Pirate Bay Torrent Site Logo For Their Menu

#28 Seen At A Restaurant In A 5-Star Hotel In Los Angeles

#29 This Is What I Found On The Menu Of A Pizzeria

#30 This Salad Section On The Menu At The Pub