Speaking about healthy relationships, a member of one of Reddit’s communities asked the male readers to share the most romantic things their significant other has ever done for them. The post managed to receive 46K upvotes and over 9.3K comments worth of overly cute and charming gestures.


I broke my leg 3 months into a relationship (unrelated to the relationship). My family had just left town that day. I had emergency surgery; she drove me to the surgery, picked up my meds during the surgery , picked me up when I woke up, drove me back to her place and took care of me for a month there. This included sponge baths, waking up to give me pain killers in the middle of the night so I wouldn’t wake up in agony, having food for me during the day when she went to work, and making sure I was happy overall. 4 years later and we are still together. If all that s**t ain’t romantic, I don’t know what is.


I’ve always had a passion for astronomy and it had been a childhood dream of mine to see the CERN supercolider in Switzerland. My gf not being much scientific herself didn’t understand the beauty of such technology (she’s an English teacher), started to cut back on expenditure on things she liked for a couple of months. I occasionally offered some financial support but she always kissed me saying there’s nothing to worry about and so like any partner I worried my a** off. Some months passed it was nearing my birthday. I hadn’t seen my gf all day as she went to work yet she arrived late. She came up to me with an envelope and simply sat besides me anticipating my reaction.

I slipped out 2 tickets to my childhood dream into my hands as well as cried like a child in her warm embrace. I’m smiling so much typing this!

But she, without even leaving any hints, sacrificed so many months of comfort just to fulfill a dream of mine. She ,now my wife, currently live in Switzerland and live a couple hours drive away from the facility!

I’m currently trying to assemble an elegant trip abroad just for her to the Maldives after this whole lockdown eases.

I’ve never loved someone so much.


My wife paid off all my debt and student loans with a smile and hugged me after she did. She didn’t have an inch of sadness parting with all that money.

I have autism and she continues to support me and all my strangeness. I’m extremely fortunate to have her.


Everyday. My wife helps me get up and dressed. I’ve been in a chair since May.


A girl i knew, knew i had a thing for her so she pretended she couldn’t find her phone, then asked if someone could call it. I said sure what’s your number? We got married a year later for 15 years


My girlfriend paid for a maritime course that I couldn’t afford so that I could get a higher license and a better paying job.

We’re married now and I’m a Captain.


My last girlfriend arranged a surprise birthday party for me at a trampoline park. I was turning 30.


Okay, I gotta tell you what romantic thing really did it for me: she listened to me. She listened. Not judging. Not even silently judging. Not even a little impatient. Slow honest listening. I could marry her for that.


Woke me up at 5:00 AM on my 30th b-day to tell me she was pregnant. We had been trying for 2.5 years. Best b-day ever. That kid is now 29 and given me a grand kid. Grand kids are absolutely the best.


A girl in high school baked me sugar cookies spelling out a message, asking me to prom. I immediately said yes.

A couple of years later she came out as a lesbian. It’s okay though, I came out as gay shortly after too.


My girlfriend remembers every detail of when we first started dating. On a long drive together one of our songs came on and she described the first night we listened to it and when she fell in love with me. She didn’t even finish the story because it just broke me. I was leaking tears and it wouldn’t stop. I rarely get someone who remembers something I did for them and for my gf to tells these back, filled my heart.

Get a partner who appreciates your efforts.


While i was working the whole day and eating s**t like junk food. She cooked and placed it in front of my door while i was at work(she lived 1 hour away from me, so she just drove for that). Coming home, seeing all that delicious food in front of my door was heart warming.

I‘m hopefully marrying her this year 🙂


A woman I was dating worked late on my birthday one year and called to chat on her drive home. She apologized for missing my birthday and promised to make it up the next night. We talked for way longer than her typical drive, but I thought maybe she had gotten home and simply hadn’t told me.

Instead, she drove across town and was circling my neighborhood (gotta love suburbs where everything looks the same) searching for my house. She eventually found it and surprised me with a pint of ice cream and a balloon.

We got married two years ago.

As one of you pointed out, I didn’t say we are happily married. We are very happy! Working on taking the next step (aka kiddos)



I lost my favorite pair of sun glasses at a building on campus. By the time I realized I was in my dorm and was swamped with a paper. I was upset and expressed this to her. She left and came back soaking wet. She went back to campus and walked along every path I had taken and checked the building for me to try and find them as a pick me up. Unfortunately she couldn’t find them but it was so sweet.


Threw me an unbelievable surprise 50th birthday party that had 75 attendees including friends from out of state and kept it a complete surprise from me. Absolutely blew me away the amount of work, months of coordination, and care that she put into it. One of the best nights of my life.

This was just this past January. I got her a calendar with pictures of dogs pooping on it. Pretty sure we’re even.


Pulled me to a dance floor draging a chair behind her, standing up on the chair and we danced…. Im quite tall.



My birthday was the 9th and since we can’t go out she made me my own escape room in our house.

It made me feel so loved I almost cried. I lucked out with the greatest girl in the world.


Bought me a rare out-of-print book that I thought I would never own.


I dated a girl who decorated a matchbox with the message “We’re a great MATCH!”, and filled it with edible “matches”; little pretzel sticks dipped in colored chocolate at the end to look like a match. She clearly put a lot of thought and effort into it, which was really what meant the most to me.

Unfortunately, no, we’re not together anymore.

We broke up for a few reasons. We were in an LDR several hours apart, some long-term compatibility issues, etc. It kinda messed me up for a while, because she was a really, really sweet girl and I liked her…but, ya know, life goes on and so must we.

We still chat every now and again. We’re on good terms.


My girlfriend (now wife) spent 7 hours using public transportation to surprise me at home. Imagine this coming home from a full 8 hour shift starting at 6 am. Lifting heavy displays/TVs. I come home, my bedroom door is locked. I dead a** think it’s my younger brother pulling a prank on me. I knock just wanting to go sit on my computer and watch some videos or play some games. When the door opens to my surprise there is the love of my life standing there telling me to be patient. My eyes tear up from a combination of feelings mostly joy. We hadn’t seen each other physically in over a month just Skype. It totally made my day and weekend. Happily Married 5 years.


I was running a fever and slept on the couch outside. Throughout the night I would wake up to see my girlfriend kneeling on the floor, using a wet handkerchief to sponge me down. I love her so much.


After a particularly bad day, laid my head on her chest, pet me and told me everything would be okay.


My gf has done plenty of things, but I’ll never forget when we were having a birthday party at school and she placed down a slice of pizza in front of me. I asked her why and she said “Well it looked like they were gonna finish it soon and I didn’t want you to not get any pizza”

I could not stop smiling that day lol


Mine just happened this month. It was my 31st birthday and my lady asked all of my friends and family to wish me a happy birthday from a video made in their homes (due to CoViD-19) and edited it together into a 10 minute video. She randomly streamed it on the TV shortly after midnight. It made me feel amazing!