Has it ever happened to you that you are walking down the street and saw something, however, when you turn around to see it again, it was a completely different thing? If yes, you are not alone. What a relief, right? We know, right? Phew!

This phenomenon is called optical illustration and it can happen to anyone. These are some of the moments in life when we need to look twice. It’s because what we have seen once might not be true. 

If you want to see more such pictures where the eyes play a trick on the mind, keep scrolling because we have got 30 tricky photos for you.

P.S. Remember to look twice as some of the pictures are really not what you had initially thought.

1. The fence post

This looks like a picturesque valley but it is not. It is a close up picture of the top of a fence post. We were amazed by it when we saw it.

2. The shadow

You probably thought that this was a white cat that casts a shadow over the wall, right? Well, the shadow is actually the family’s second cat.

3. The rocks

What appears to be a reproduction of Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting is not a painting at all! It is the pattern of rocks in a Swedish field someone took a pic of.

4. The knitting

We know, it looks exactly like a small piece a grandma knitted but it is something entirely different. This is a spider web that froze overnight.

5. The Moss Agate

We believe that nobody has seen such a thing before. The different types of moss make this stone look like a glass container with a miniature forest inside.

6. The trees

We have seen thousands of Christmas trees in our time but these ones are exceptional. We are convinced that many people confused these lit up trees look like a rocket launch.

7. The moon

This is a really great image that is as captivating as possible. This is the moon but it looks like Saturn. The amazing effect is really nice to see.

8. The bear cub

Well, this is not a real bear cub although it looks exactly like one. It is not a plush toy, either. It is simply a puppy after taking a bath.

9. The effect

10. The window

No, this is not a galaxy but merely a picture taken out the window. The raindrops and the flash from the camera created this amazing effect.

11. The sunset

Sunsets are sometimes too beautiful to be described so they must be seen in person. This image captured one such sunset. It made the clouds underneath look like lava rocks.

12. The pinecone

Yes, this is hard to believe but what you are looking at is not a pine cone. It is simply a curious bird! The power of nature is amazing and it cat create wonders.

13. The window

Some windows are not ordinary and this is one such window. As you can see, the scenery seen from it makes it look like an oil painting.

14. The guinea pig

As you can see, this is not an ordinary guinea pig. It has no hair and this is what makes it interesting. As you can agree, it looks like a shrunken hippo.

15. The beach

This is one glorious beach and we wish we visited this place. It appears that whoever took this image was captivated by the fact that these rocks look like eggs.

16. The bowl

This is not an ordinary bowl of flour. Take a closer look and you can see that the bowl is not filled with flour. It is a cat taking a nap peacefully.

17. The blanket

Here is another deceiving image that will make you look twice. As you can see, the snow on the back of this car looks like a huge white blanket.

18. The lake

This is one of those images that you would never figure out before you got an explanation. This is not a real like but simply a small puddle. We guess it fooled you as it fooled us.

19. The other window

Seeing images like this one makes us wonder why people who have such views don’t put glass walls to admire it. The small window looks exactly like a painting.

20. The petunia

There are gorgeous flowers out there but this one is exceptional. We believe that whoever has this petunia really has a whole galaxy to themselves.

21. The cooling system

This is how one roof looks like in winter. The cooling system looks like giant Lego bricks and we think that is awesome!

22. The oven

This is not an ordinary oven. It features a design, unlike anything we have seen before. It looks like an Easter Island head and once you see, you cannot unsee it.

23. The rock

This is Morro Rock, an exceptionally beautiful piece of land. During every sunrise, the rock looks like it is a massive chunk of solid gold.

24. The turtle

This baby turtle is adorable but there is more to it than just its cuteness. As you can see, the upper part of the shell looks like a small sombrero.

25. The rice fields

Here is an amazing aerial image that can take anyone’s breath away. What looks like beautiful stained glass is actually hundreds of rice fields.

26. The guitar

What looks like the interior of a really expensive penthouse is actually a musical instrument. We guess that people have never seen the interior of a guitar – we haven’t seen it before, too.

27. The Burning Man festival

This is one of the wildest events on the planet and it looks like a huge galaxy when pictured from above. You can see the massive scale of this happening!

28. The potato

What are the odds of a red potato looking exactly like an artificial heart? As you can see, this one looks like a tiny artificial heart.

29. The bookshelf

This is an ordinary bookshelf full of books and it looks great. As you can see, the shadow cast from the top of the books looks like Manhattan’s skyline.

30. The bag

This is the kind of visual effect that can only be created by accident. It appears that it takes a second or a third look to see the effect.