Dogs are the most adorable, fun-loving, and loyal creatures on this planet. It is true to say that they are a man’s best friend. We see than acting all silly, dancing around the house, following us everywhere we go, and waiting patiently to get a snack whenever they follow an instruction. They think that you absolutely adore them and appreciate them for their silly behaviour.

A dog never feels guilty about their actions, they just make a cute expression and fool you with their innocence. Dogs have a stop history of sticking by our side. Even when nobody is their by your side, you’ll always find your furry friend right next to your. They’ll welcome you home with wagging tails and super excitement because they are happy to see you again. Similarly, you will have the widest and brightest smile when you see your four-legged friends greeting you from the door.

They give the feeling of warmth and love like no one else can. Without expectations, without any complaints, they just love you unconditionally. We often wonder what if our little pooches could talk,  and what all they would have to say to us about how they feel. Well, thanks to a Twitter account ”Thoughts of Dog” that creates these unique tweets, and try to tell what a dog could possibly think. These tweets will give you a mixed feeling of how innocent and hilarious your dog thoughts could be.

Scroll down to take a look and have fun while you read them.

Our doggo makes a to-do list to keep track of his activities.

They try to figure out why have you been working from home lately.

Sometimes, they think about pampering themselves…

Like dogs don’t think about what others think about them. You should also seek this approach and do what makes you feel happy. Take a nap whenever you feel like it, plan your day with things that you enjoy and never give others the opportunity to dictate you. A well planned day will always give you ample time for yourself.  If you have dogs at home, you’ll also be able to give them plenty of time and trust us, there is nothing more precious than that.

What your little woof thinks when he interrupts your zoom meetings.

They enjoy being complimented every now and then.

When you come home with a dog toy.

We sure do miss them at work. They enjoy the surprise visits.

Doggo discovers a new feeling.

How do they know you are back home?

There are no rules… Of course, the human is not home.

When you are working from home, this is what your dog thinks.

This is what keeps him busy when you aren’t home.

When it was a long day and your doggo missed you.

“Human, you’re gonna like this.”

Doggo is missing you.

Doggo decides to have some me-time.

On alert mode.

Hungry for attention.

Naps continuously until the human is back home.

Someone got himself in trouble.

Doggo has a busy schedule and knows how to keep himself busy.

Doggo has a surprise for human!

“Human I want attention!”

“Human you smell different today.”

“Human you smell different today.”

Always ready for the weekend.

Eye contact is a dangerous thing they said…

“All good. Now nap time.”

Dogs have a beautiful heart.

An open suitcase is like an open invitation.

Adorable isn’t it? Yet, these thoughts make you laugh and give a thought about how actually your four-legged friends feel about all the incidents that take place in their lives. If you have a dog at home, do tell us what equation you have with them in the comment section below.