Undoubtedly, parenthood is no joke. Kids are driving their parents absolutely crazy during this lockdown.

Presenting before you, the funniest pictures that parents all around the world have shared.

These everyday quarantine struggles with their kids will make you laugh out loud.

LOL- Everyday Quarantine Struggles-

Quarantine is going awesome


“It’s broken”

This is the best kind of Hide and Seek

My little bathtub:

 Homeschooling at its best:

Look carefully, that’s my toddler’s handprint:

Chalk or lego- No one knows

That’s definitely a Happy Birthday!


Eye would keep my distance with that kid.

Imma cook my brother- yummm



The little guy bit his own arm.

A mom shared, “Kids want to help out. Even if they complain about chores (and they will!), making dinner or keeping their little brother out of mom’s office makes them feel proud to be givers, not just takers. Let’s let them keep helping,”

Solved the No Toilet Paper problem- #easypeasy

They said work from home would be fun. That’s Pink slime BTW.

The texts I have been sending-

QUARANTINE DAY 17-Today my toddler decided to clean his Potty with “MY TOOTHBRUSH”.




oh! He is dressed up as Frida for his ZOOM Meeting. We found out make Frida means draw or paint Frida.

Another mom shared that,

“My daughter has ‘dysgraphia’—difficulty with handwriting. Getting her to do her homework was torture. But since the pandemic? Her daughter is writing a diary,” Lenore shared with us. “Kids are like seeds buried in the earth—they need water to grow. Free time is that water. When kids get it, they blossom.”

Absolutely Relatable-

Her First HIT and RUN.

What did I do wrong?


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The coronavirus lockdown is affecting children across the world in many ways. The experience of school-going children has been exceptional as well as exhausting at the same time.

In other words, there are both positive as well as negative effects on children.

Childhood is a very sensitive age. Hence, it comes down to what kind of atmosphere they are getting. Today, every parent has a major role in deciding the impacts of this pandemic on their child.

Parents should create and stick to a routine. They should provide healthy food options and exciting ways to indulge in physical activities. Children need their parents for keeping a positive mindset. Parents should talk to them and answer all their questions without scaring them.

Everyone needs their family and friends to get through this global pandemic healthier and stronger both mentally and physically.