Imagine it’s a beautiful day and you are home. You have given a nice bubbly bath to your furry friend and are planning to go on a walk with him later. You have brushed his soft and silky coat and your doggo is looking super handsome. Then you get distracted by something and later you realize that furry friend is gone. (Oh, no). Unknowingly, you had left the front gate open. You then run out to find your dog and what you see next totally blows your mind. Your furry friend is totally safe but is dirty because he is playing in the mud. 

There are many other situations when your pup might get all muddy and messy while playing in the mud. To show why you should never allow your furry friend to play out in the mud, we have collected some adorable pictures that you might relate to. 

P.S. The pictures below are too cute to handle. Also, you might want to adopt a pup if in case, you don’t have one. If you want to adopt a pup or volunteer at any shelter house, read the interview with the Central California Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

#1 Before And After Playdate

#2 As Expected I Got Super Super Muddy And Had A Great Time. However, I Partied A Bit Too Hard

#3 Dog Playing In River Evolves Into Supermodel

We talked to one of the members of Central California SPCA, Walter Salvari. He says that animal lovers can contribute a little bit to any shelter house to make things easier for the pups and other animals. “There is not a ‘best way’ to support a shelter since everyone has different abilities, availability, talents, and resources. However, everyone can help a shelter.” 

He also told us that people can do a lot of things to help the shelter animals. Like, they can adopt a foster pet, donate some items, donate money, or any other thing. 

Besides this, people can also do other things like sharing positive and good stories about the shelter house to encourage pet adoption. 

#4 Dandelion Zoomies

#5 Before And After Mud Bath

#6 Jude And His Hound Dog Puppy “Chicky-Dog” After Playing In The Mud

If you are living in California, there is good news for you. Walter told us that there is no specific qualification required to volunteer at CCSPCA. He says that “We have tasks ranging from dog walking and animal socialization to cleaning; customer service to office work; community education presenting to fundraising, and assisting with special events.”

“We have positions for all levels of physical ability and our current volunteers range in age from 8 to 75,” Walter explained that people of all ages are pitching in and helping animals out. “People wishing to volunteer need to complete a volunteer application on our website and attend an orientation/training class before beginning. We also accept groups for one-day projects.”

#7 “Today I Discovered Mud Puddles. Best. Day. Ever”

#8 Our Babies When They Play Too Much. Alice And Figo

#9 So That’s How Chocolate Labs Are Made

When telling about what is the process of adopting a pet, Walter says that CCSPCA and other such organizations conduct a screening process. This is done in order to know whether the person has any experience with the dog breed he wants to adopt or not. 

“We do this to make sure they are breed knowledgeable, and not adopting simply due to the breed being pretty, or for any negative factors. We also like to make sure that if the customer has more than one person living in the household that everyone is in agreement in adopting a pet. We prefer that everyone in the home spends time with the pet to make sure the pet is a good fit in the household.”

He also says that “Lastly, we ask if the customer has dogs at home. We recommend doing meet and greets first with the potential adopters in order to not have any issues at home with their beloved pet and our shelter animals.”

#10 Wat, Mahm? Dirt? Where? I See Nuffin

#11 Ran Through The Tall Weeds With Her Velcro Fur. Took A Bath And Nearly 2 Hours Of Brushing To Get Them All Out

#12 Anyone Knows How To Clean A Bath? Asking For A Friend

#13 Is This Not Good?

#14 Mud Dogger

#15 Happy Hippo Ralph

#16 Very First Time I Stuck My Head In Thick Mud. Mum Was Absolutely Horrified But Then Start Laughing. No One Wanted To Pet Me On The Walk Home Tho

#17 Someone Found The Only Mud Puddle In The Dog Park

#18 Oh You Dirty Dog

#19 She Found The Mud Puddle

#20 I See Your Muddy Pupper, And I Raise You Mine

#21 Found Her Playing In The Mud In The Backyard

#22 Can You Believe It’s The Same Dog In Both Pictures?

#23 Gabby Found A Mud Hole To Cool Off In

#24 The Little One Is Learning From His Big Brother

#25 Was Asked If Martha Ever Got Muddy. Well, Yes. A Little

#26 Rare Pupper Having A Hecking Good Time In The Mud

#27 Doesn’t He Look Fetching In His Mud Suit?

#28 Hands Up If You Love Mud Puddles

#29 Sunday Funday! Dog Park + Mud Puddles + Puppacinos

#30 It’s Safe To Say Wrigley Had The Most Fun At The Park Yesterday