Cats are our most favorite creatures on this planet, right cat-lovers?

Aah, cats! These little furr balls can make our day a lot better and purr-fect. It seems like they know exactly how to fill our hearts with love. They are little bundles of joy and can make our day so better just by their tiny existence. That’s why we are madly in love with them, right? 

And there is great news for cat lovers. There is this highly talented and skilled illustrator who has perfectly captured what’s it’s like to live with cats. The illustrator has so accurately created these pictures and you are going to love ’em all. 

So, if you are someone who has a beautiful cat, get ready to say, ‘OMG, SAME!’ after seeing the pictures. Also, if you are someone who wants to have a cat, this post will show you how amazingly your life will change after getting a cat. Yay! 

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1. All these babies need is some physical love!

They will take this opportunity to nibble you with their tiny teeth!

2.This kitty is teaching you how to turn into a loaf!

We love a good edible kitty-toast

3. 4 stages of sleeping with your hooman!

Hopefully, that wasn’t the end of the hooman due to the lack of oxygen!

4.This shows how kind the cats are! Our saviors!

Cuddles! cat cuddles! Amazingness!

5. Kitties have some oral fixation issues!

That’s their love!

6. Poor kitty will be disappointed when he looks back!

If he looks back..

7. Waking up at 6 am doesn’t feel bad if there is a lot of kitty love!

We want this love!

8. Melting into each other’s love!

If this isn’t true, then we don’t know what is!

9. Kitty needed some time to purr! Patience with your love, hooman!

Purr-fect illustration!

10. Yes, kitties always somehow end up in bins when playing!

But they look too adorable in bins tbh!

11. Kitties want their hooman to take them instead!

Get your priorities straight hooman!

12. If you think you are lazy, cats are lazier!

Don’t disturb their peace!

13. Cats are anti-sad pills! They always make those tears go away!

We love our cats for a reason!

14. You overslept hooman! Cat farts as a punishment!

We just don’t appreciate this bit!

15. Cats always manage to calm our anger down with their cuteness!

Look at that cutie cat sshh-in!

Are you liking it? We are sure, you do. So, what are you thinking? Keep scrolling because we have got some more pictures just for you.

16. Thud-ing makes this kittyy happyy!

Love how this cutie kitty rushes over.

17. Too many emotions in one picture!!

From being scared to loving itt!

18. Snatching hair? Can be just as adorable as irritating it may seem.

We could always get used to such cute habits!!

19. Who knew stretching could turn you into a seal!

Beware it can happen to anybody.

20. ROFL ALERTT!! Laughing kitties are the adorable

This is such a cute sight!!

21. Meeoowww is the new call for food!

“Meeowing my way into your life till you gimme some food!!”

22. Eating-sleeping-loving-shitting partner!!

Pretty much sums up the whole life cycle.

23. Shusshiee and cuddle the lazy bonesss!

Getting up seems too much for this tiny kitty.

24. That hooman knows something bad is gonna happen..

We are scared too!!

25. Who knew cats could be just as scared of rain as some people..

Smart kitty!! Turning into a furball is always a good option

26. Warning! Don’t interrupt a cat with music..

Biting can be expected!

27. Mood swings can be a real thing when it comes to food!!

And this kitty appears to have mood swings over the same kind of food.

28. “Sleeep – stretch – purr – sleepp” izza life cycle which many of us wish could adopt..

We envy this routine!!

29. Nobody can stop cats from sniffing even it comes to sniffing shit.

30. Purr-fect depiction of such events