Here we have collected 30 comics by this artist that show the funny struggles of parenthood. 

Those who are raising children might find the comics of Inna Sacali to be especially relatable and entertaining. 

“My baby inspires me every day for new comics. All the ideas I take from real life. They’re honest because they actually reflect my emotions and feelings, or describe some funny situations that happened to me,” the artist told us about her work. 

Scroll down to see the newest additions to Inna’s collection of fun comics.


Inna told us that “usually it takes 1 to 3 hours to finish a comic. It depends on how detailed the illustration is and how many shots are there.”

When asked whether she has any personal favorites, she named the “collection of tiredness” and “organs” ones because they reflect exactly what she felt during pregnancy.



“All the ideas for comics are taken from my life. They just come up in my mind. I see something happening and my brain draws funny pictures of the situation,” Inna says about her creative process.

“Sometimes it is like: I’m in my bed ready to fall asleep and the idea shows up. If I have time I draw a rough sketch. If not – just write down the main idea on my phone. Usually, I draw when my son sleeps, so it’s not about the mood to draw or inspiration, I have limited time and I draw as much as I can. I am still looking for my own style. I draw a sketch first, then line art, then color it and add shadows and highlights.”

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The artist says that “sometimes it seems that everything is already invented and there is nothing new you can bring to this art field, but on the other side – there are so many great artists you may learn from and when you are beginner illustrator you may copy someone’s style by the time you’ll practice enough and find your own.”

Inna is personally inspired by artists like Litterbox Comics, Yehuda Devir, Simone Grünewald, and Comicada.



When asked about future aspirations, Inna replies: “As you have noticed, the main theme of my comics is maternity. But I want to find other themes as well. Maybe someday I’ll make my comic book. And I am planning to continue improving my skills.”