The clothing industry often comes up with many creative ideas to woo its customers. Scroll below to see some of the innovative clothing designs and easter eggs created by manufacturers that made people smile.

#1 My Raincoat Reveals A Floral Pattern When Wet

#2 Our Stone Setter Has His Wife Sew Pockets Into The Front Of His Jeans For More Comfortable Knee Pads

#3 There Are Tiny Hands Inside My Girlfriend’s Bra

#4 My Jacket’s Zipper Has A Whistle

#5 This Top Gear T-Shirt Label

#6 This Shirt Has A Piece Of Lens Cloth Sewn On The Inside For Your Glasses

#7 My Daughter’s Raincoat Has A Built-In System For When She Outgrows It

#8 Funny Tag On PJ Shorts Bought On Block Island

#9 The Tread On My Wife’s Shoes Is A Remote Control

#10 This Guy’s Shirt Has The Entire Script Of Pulp Fiction Printed On It

#11 Clothing Label

#12 This Bikers Jacket Has Signal And Brake Lights

#13 This T-Shirt Tag Doubles As Plant Seeds

#14 My Dress Has A Clasp On The Inside To Secure Your Bra Strap

#15 There’s A Message By The Zipper Of My Pants, Warning Me To Be Careful

#16 Inside This Tie Is A Tiny Giraffe Wearing A Tie

#17 These Air-Conditioned Construction Worker Jackets In Japan

#18 There Is A Positive Message In My Clothing Label

#19 My Jeans Have A No-Slip Grip Built Into The Back Pockets To Keep Credit Cards And Money From Falling Out

#20 The Tag On My Shirt Has A Short Bio On The Sewer

#21 Pretty Cool Motivational Gym Shirt Idea

#22 This Tie Has Mice Of Both The Rodent And Computer Species

#23 My Workwear Has Little Tools On The Zippers

#24 These Care Instructions On A Shirt I Bought Tell Me Not To Slap Pandas

#25 These Winter Boots Have A Flip-Down Ice Cleat In The Heel To Help With Walking On Icy Surfaces

#26 My Kid’s Jacket Has Multiple Namespaces To Facilitate Hand-Me-Downs

#27 My Dad Found A Face As The Pocket Of His Pepperoni Pizza Pants

#28 This Shoe Sole Has Math Equations Written Below It

#29 Found This In My Maternity Shorts Today

#30 The Inside Of My Jacket Has Outdoor Survival Tips