We all know how crazy dogs and cats can go behind their food. They can eat all day, every day. So, some of them have the patience to sit and wait for the owners to feed them with their meals. While some naughty boys and girls can wait and take the job in their hands. Here are some photos which pet owners caught on the phones of their pets caught red-pawed. You will not lose your smile till the end, trust us.

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“Caught our dog stealing a piece of pizza…”

“My dog, Katie, who stole a baguette. “

“Caught red pawed (quite literally)! “

“rare pic of the infamous bread thief.”

“lil goblin stole my steak “


“Our cat tried to steal our Chinese leftovers”

“This huge loaf of bread travelled along with my parents on a 600 km trip to get home. I love this bread as I don’t get to eat it frequently. Dog thought it was a great idea to taste-test it just in case it’s poisoned. Results turned negative. Good dog for being so thoughtful”

“When you get caught stealing someone’s chips because your snout gets stuck in the can “

“This is Nico. Here’s a compilation of him when he steals food just to hold on to it.”

“BUSTED! With the Ramen she stole from the pantry.”

“Hey, that’s mine!”

“My dog steals bananas from the counter all the time. ONLY the bananas, never eats them though”

“Cat stole my lunch.”

“So my cat stole my toaster strudel out of the toaster today and my mom took a picture before prying it out of his mouth”

“I was distracted by the baby when my cat knocked my dinner (delicious grilled chicken) onto the floor for my dog to steal. I had only eaten one bite “

“High after the vet, caught stealing french fries”

“He stole my pretzel “

“I caught her red handed! This stinker managed to get her paws on a croissant and then promptly stuck it in my house shoe.”

“So My Friend’s Cat Decided To Steal Some Chicken…”

“Caught Yogi red-pawed stealing from a picnic basket. Too cute to be mad.”

“The identity of the flour thief remains a mystery. Investigations continue.”

“Busted, he stood silently.”


Good boy has gone bad.

And this doggo ran away with a full pepperoni pizza.

“Bro my lunch has been stolen”

“Sneak thief caught in the act.”