What comes to your mind when you think of keeping a pet? Probably the responsibility of taking care of a new life. Although most of us badly want a pet, what we don’t have is enough time. And that’s what the pet wants the most. Since we are always busy and working, we think that we might not give everything that a dog deserves. We might not give him the training, luxury, and most importantly, our love. 

But none of these things are true. Because once you have got the pet, you will manage everything. A sudden increase in the responsibility might be a little scary in the first place but you are going to love it with your furry friend. 

Also, if you want to get a dog, you are suggested to adopt one rather than getting from the breeders. It’s because when you adopt a dog, you give him a new life. And life at the shelter house is not at all easy. To show how adoption changes life, we have collected a few pictures. Scroll down to see them.

#1 See the glory in his posture.

#2 Rescued and forever thankful.

“My Ex Worked At The Spca And Refused To Let This Piglet Be Euthanized, So She Took Him Home. She Did An Amazing Job.”

#3 His rescuers did a great job. The first picture is so heart-wrenching.

#4 Now, that’s the difference of living on the street and being loved in a warm welcoming home.

“My Dog Wynter – From Living In The Streets To Relaxing In My Backyard”

#5 Buddies for life.

#6 She loves her new home.

“Ripley At Around 6 Months In Iran And Again At Around 1 Year In Her Forever Home In The United States”

#7 Such a delightful smile.

“Hank! Abuse Left This Poor Pup With Scars And Timidness, But Now He Smiles Ear-To-Ear”

#8 She actually lost sight of one of her eyes, however, it did not stop her from living a happy life.

#9 That happy smile of finding a loving home and a family.

“Frank The Tank. Before And After Adoption”

#10 He appears to be enjoying nature with his mommy.

“So My Sis Adopted Her Very First Dog And His Before And After Pics Have Me Crying”

There are so many dogs that spend their entire lives in the shelter house. This is so sad because no dog deserves to live like this. These innocent creatures want nothing but love, care, and good life. And we can make this possible. 

You might have heard a popular saying that goes like “Do good and have good.” If you do good, it will come back to you. So go on and adopt as many furry friends as you can because they are going to change your life forever.

#11 Rescued from Mexico, today he found a home in Canada.

“Adopted This Little Dude While On Vacation In Mexico. The Litter Was Found In The Jungle In Terrible Shape But Were Nursed Back To Health By The Local Animal Rescue Foundation. Here He Is Today Healthy, Happy And Adapting Well To His New Life As A Canadian”

#12 From abandoned in a bad shape to happy and playful. This little girl has finally found her happy place.

“To The Person Who Left Her In A Park To Die 2 Years Ago… Look At Her Now! With Your Horrible Neglect Came A Whole Lot Of Happiness.”

#13 See what love and care do to puppies.

“The Night We Found Him On The Street Vs 1 Week After Adoption. Meet Pablo”

#14 That’s quite the transformation!

#15 Love the smile!

“This Is My Koda Bear The Day Before He Got Adopted And A Few Months After”

#16 Now Annie sleeps peacefully.

“After 4 Years In The Street, Annie Found Her Home With My Parents. The first Day Vs 1 Week Later”

#17 From tears to joy, her eyes tell a lot of stories.

“My Friend Rescued This Sweet Girl From Being Put Down Over A Minor Skin Condition. Meet Scarlett”

#18 The “after” photo says everything.

#19 A loving home makes such a difference…

#20 Those are some puss in boots eyes!

#21 Kudos to the rescuers!

#22 She’s a free woman now.

“My Name Is Rey! I Was On Death Row Yesterday But Today I’m A Free Woman!”

#23 Where’s Waldo? In a wonderful forever home.

“Meet Waldo. From Crusty And Underweight To A Very Fluffy Boy”

#24  Poor guy must’ve been starved.

#25 That’s a very handsome young man you’ve got there.

“Meet Kasper! He’s Only A Pup And Travelled All The Way From Romania To Join Us In The Uk. Has Yet To Integrate And Learn The Language. Very Good Boy Nonetheless”

#26 Nacho The One-Eyed Dog.

#27 He’s now the king of the house.

“Toby At The County Shelter 2 Years Ago And Is Now King Of Our House.”

#28 Love and gentle touch make such a big difference.

“We Found Teddy’s Shelter Picture And It’s Heartbreaking. We’re So Glad He Came Into Our Lives And Is Letting His Sweet, Goofy Personality Shine! Hopefully, He Knows That He’ll Be Safe, Clean, Fed, And Loved For The Rest Of His Life”

#29 Lonely, sad girl to a happy baby girl.

“One Year Ago Today We Adopted Harper From The Fairfax Animal Shelter. She Had Been Adopted And Returned At Least Three Times In The First Year Of Her Life And Looked Alone, Scared And Confused.”

#30 From a street boy to a prince.

What are your thoughts on these amazing pictures? Do you also have a great rescue story? If yes, you can share it with us.