Have a ever seen a home design so awful that you hate it instantly? Well, if you have you are going to see more of them in this post.

An Instagram account “Please Hate These Things” with 473k followers has been sharing terrible home design choices that are “absurd, ugly & just plain stupid. Scroll down to have a look. 

Cat People Doing What Cat People Do

It’s Nine O’clock On A Saturdaythe Regular Crowd Shuffles Inthere’s An Old Man Sh***n’ Next To Meregretting His Tacobell Sins

Top 5 Answers Are On The Board. We Asked 100 People – Name A Use For This Kitchen “Island”. Arm Wrestling

Buffalo Bill Has Found Jesus

This Artistic Technique Is Called Yarn Bombing… Which Is Not The Same As The Bomb I’m About To Drop On This Toilet

Good For Dexter Finally Putting Down Roots And Making Himself A Proper Kill Room

Haaaands… Touching Hands. Reaching Out… Touching Me… Terrifying Youuuuuuu

Um… Yea… I’ll Take The Couch. Or A Cot. Or A Splintery Bed Of Pallets. Actually Just Anything That’s Not This, Thx

Social Distancing Looking A Lot Like Being Married For 10+ Years

Luxury Is A Built-In Hallway Microwave

Dying Of Dysentery On The Oregon Trail Was So Hot

Oh No Way, Do You Own A Jeep? Had No Clue

I Stubbed My Toe Just Looking At This

Don’t Let Math Stand In The Way Of Your Dreams

Cute Kitchen Carol But We All Know You Killed Him

Weeeeeeeee! Make The Guns Spin, Mommy!

I Guess They’d Rather Play With Their Skin Suits? ( It Puts The Lotion On The Basket )

More Is More Is… Shoulda Stopped 100 Bricks Ago

Stairs To Our Mother In Law Suite Are Finally Done

We’re Just One Cheesy Gordita Away From A Catastrophe Right Here

2020 Vibes

Prayers For The Contractor Who Had To Call These Homeowners And Explain They Needed A Second Set Of Front Doors Because… Math

Luxury Is A Built-In Hallway Microwave

Let’s Make A Deal Vibez

No One Is This In Love

By The Light Of The Mac And Cheese Lantern…

Flexin With That Dollartree Contact Paper Haul

Thank You For This Velcro Modesty Flap. I Mean We’re Not Savages…

The Opulence Of A 15” TV

I Am Done Bending Over To Get The Tater Tots

I Guess They’re All About That Bass, Bout That Bass… No Treble

Live Look At Me In Quarantine

Feeling A Lot Of Pressure To Perform

Wash Your Hands You Animals

A Series Of Unfortunate Events : Chapter 1