3-D Printed Rockets Will Help the Big Guns to Colonize Mars!


Once you land on Mars, its do or die. The struggle which you might have read or seen in “The Martian” is actually true. The risk is real, or should we say, it was real.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, aims to colonize the red planet. His aerospace company, SpaceX, has long been planning to send people to Mars and colonize it by 2024. Yes by 2024. Seeing Mr. Musk in action, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is also working on the same with his spaceflight company, Blue Origin. Even NASA is building an interplanetary rocked called the Space Launch System.

And these major projects are giving away opportunities for young businesses to flourish. And one such company is is Relativity Space, which is backed by Mark Cuban.

Source- Business Insider

In an interview to the Business Insider, Tim Ellis who is the co-founder of Relativity Space and an ex- rocket propulsion engineer of Blue Origin said,

“We feel like it’s inevitable that if humanity is going out to colonize other planets, 3D-printing is really the only way to manufacture things like tools and replacement parts. So that’s what we’re working on: How to 3D-print an entire rocket.”

Source- Business Insider

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