British humor is not just for television or films. The British have designed signs that are very amusing. From around the UK, these signs are just another reminder of why British humor is so much fun. 

1. Stay Off The Tracks

2. Asking The Important Questions

3. A Pub’s Polite Notice


4. A Pub’s Polite Notice

5. Must Be Accompanied By An Adult

6. If Disney Were Real Life

7. Musical Road Signs

8. Time Travelers Wanted

9. What An Informative Sign

10. That Was Unexpected

11. Do Not Feed

12. In Loving Memory

13. Bad Parking Job

14. Bad Parking Job

15. Afraid Of Change?

16. A Time Traveler Was Here

17. The Fork In The Road

18. Now Accepting Suggestions

19. Miners Beware

20. Do Not Touch

21. Road Closed Again

22. Help Avoid Flooding

23. Please Disregard

24. Do Not Lean

25. Try Online Dating

26. They Just Want To Talk

27. Life Imitates Art

28. Follow The Rules Of The Road

29. Extremely Honest Sign