Reddit is the wittiest platform online. It brings something new every day, which cracks us up. Like this time, a community r/Unextexted shared normal posts that took wildly unexpected turns in seconds.

Below are 28 such posts.

What A Great Person

Personal Finance Tip

The Best Way To Exercise

Wonder How That Happened

Is That How It Works?

So Many Turns On This One

The Chance Of A Lifetime

Must Have Been An Intense One

Grapefruit Hack

What Happened During That Walk?

That’s Gotta Be Rough

Not So Innocent

You Do You

I Don’t Think Those Are The Same

Small Talk

Breaking The Habit

Any Last Words?

Oddly Wholesome Turn


You Can’t Trust Everybody

When You Take Sports Too Seriously

Two’s A Pair

How To Make Your Toilet Seat Stay Up

That’ll Show ‘Em

Don’t EVER Play With Others’ Emotions Like This Again 🙁


Comment Bait

Word Game Gone Wrong