It’s evident that we can’t help but fall in love with these strong, goofy yet cute bulldogs. Historically, these dogs were meant for fighting bulls. Since the fight was gruesome, it was banned. We started witnessing their extinction because people thought they are useless now. But people grew so fond of bulldogs that they started owning them as pets. And today we see them almost everywhere.

The bulldogs make great pets and they turned out to be very different than how they used to be before. They are friendly and playful doggos. They are very funny. Their facial expressions make people laugh their hearts out. They are fun to be around.

Scroll down and look for yourself!

Grandma got a French bulldog puppy. This is how he sits.

When there’s another bulldog in the house so you must maintain dominance.

“I wouldn’t let her have a Cheeto.”

“Wake me up when it’s all over.”

He protecc, he attacc, but most importantly he need another snacc!

We got a new kitty and our dog likes to lay on him.

How they sleep after a camping trip.

Me and Dillon chilling.

Look at me! I’m so cute.

Pup mastered the “starfish” at a young age.

Tank is a happy boi around Easter.

My friend’s French bulldog puppy is quite photogenic.

A long day ahead. Must rest.

When we start resembling our owners.

It’s nap time. DND.

Sophie turns 9 today. 9 years of judgment and sass right here!

Thanksgiving came early this time.

Duncan got attacked by another dog. Now he’s depressed. “Why can’t I make friends?”

Tugboat can sleep anywhere — what’s your magic skill?

Bulldogs playing in the snow.

“Omg, they love me so much! They threw a party just for me.”

Why won’t my pillow stop snoring?

Beefcake posing. Kisses anyone?

Do I have something on my face?

All hail queen toofers.

When you’re so tired that you pass out however you land.

Do you want to play with me?

Draw me like one of your french girls!


So when are you getting a bulldog?