It’s commonly advised to think before you speak. But some legends don’t need an extra second to come up with hilarious comebacks. A Reddit forum r/CleverComebacks has been welcoming such people. Here are some of the best comebacks listed on this Reddit forum.

Barely Say It Now

Silver Instead


Turning Girls Away

Social Distancing

You Tried Though

Maybe Germany

Guys With Money

Took Her Land

It Usually Pops Up

A Map Of Fires In The US

Black Eye

Follow Directions

A New Tombstone

A Real Centaur

How It’s Supposed To Be Spelled

At Freezing Beef

Tears Of Joy

Currently On Standby

GIFs Have To Be Short

Find It Odd

Best Interests

So Rude

I Don’t Remember Having Gender

In Case We Need To

Somebody In HR

Too Old For Fairytale Books

My Mom Also Died