You must be aware of the black cat superstitions. But did you know that black cats are super cute? While the myth still holds a lot of importance for a few people, we cannot stop appreciating our dark furry babies. 

Scroll down to see how fun life with black cats can be. 

Those blue eyes.

Taking care of dental hygiene.

Video game kitty.

Boop buddies!

Such bright eyes!

 Silly baby.

The bigger, the better.

Fear me!

World domination.

Those ocean eyes.

So tiny!


That is a lunar eclipse.

They are just as silly as the other cats.

Achievement unlocked.

The resemblance is uncanny.

Isn’t that a plushie?

Spot the cat.

The shadow that follows me everywhere.

The perfect pose.

The void has eyes.

Let’s see who screams the loudest.

Let the butt wiggle commence.

Found you!

Frosted cat.

They actually signify prosperity.

Safety first!