Below are a few hilarious examples of how people tried something and failed miserably.

1. His Amazing Smile

2. Tax Payers Are Upset

3. How Did You Do Your Math?

4. Respect For Our Essential Workers

5. A Budding Entrepreneur

6. Do Not Disrespect Him Like That

7. Where Will You Go

8. An Unexpected Compliment

9. How Was This Ever Good In The First Place?

1o. They Shirt Did Clothes It

11. @Amazon Suggestions

12. Credit Your Work

13. Eating These Precious Animals

14. Since When Was This Something Millennials Did?

15. Backfired Really Quickly

16. I’m Going To Uni

17. Thought They Found A New Bird!

18. Who’s Man Is This

19. Don’t Try To Make A Big Deal Out Of This

20. Take Your Hate Elsewhere

21. But Also Why Cake With Cheese

22. Magnifying Glasses Are Not Easy To Find

23. Vandalizing Property

24. You Can Not Outrun The Wings

25. Don’t Come At Hillary!

26. Tried To Look Tough

27. Tips For Next Time