If you have recently got a dog, there is one thing we want to tell you. It’s that life with a dog is awesome. When you are living with a dog, you don’t really need anything else because your dramatic furry friend would always be there to entertain you. Awww!

But there is one more thing that you should know. Oh no, don’t get scared. We are just saying that dogs and privacy never goes hand in hand. Maybe you might have realized it or you are about to realize that dogs can never understand the concept of private space. 

These furry babies love their humans so much that they can’t stay away from them. That’s why whenever they see their humans alone, they think it is their responsibility to make the owners aware of their presence. 

If you want to get a glimpse of how exciting life gets after bringing a dog, keep scrolling. 

Dogs have no concept of personal space and private time…

Doggo will keep you company.

“He gets coziness in here.”

Did someone say free food?

“The dogs have many tricks to steal foods, whenever they want.”

“Hooman, if you’re not taking us for a walk, we’re going on a walk by ourselves.”

“Nope! You’re not sleeping alone.”

“This is my dog every time I get a phone call. He always gets curious about what I say and whom I talk to.”

Don’t panic! It’s just a pup drenched in strawberry jam.

“He shows me this when I tell him no more pizza. Not on the good list anymore.”

‘Hello, hooman! Whatcha doin’?’

“This is how he disapproves of the diet I give him.”

Looks like he’s seen a ghost or something. Maybe his human has a facemask on…

“When I told my dog to make a smile, yes smile.”

“This furry giant thinks that he’s still a little baby.”

“I told him to go outside to get some fun in the garden and he actually makes his nest.”

“These guys also love new clothes every time I get some for myself.”

“This’s actually what happens when you raise a playful and energetic dog…”

“He still gets afraid of seeing the vet even though he grows up to be a house bear.”

“This adorable furry giant still has a puppy soul. Love cuddles and snuggle up on their owners whenever he wants.”

“He shows me this when it’s lunchtime.”

“This house bear runs to me from somewhere and ask for some cuddles.”

“The morning walk has been so exciting until this happens…”

“This is one of his favorite places to play hide and seek. He can always find a way to get to the rooftop.”

“I’ve just bought him a new blanket when fall comes. And here is it after 3 days. Helpless!”

“He always shows me that face every time I feed him 5 minutes late. This makes me feel guilty.”

“Here is how my dog react when I told him he wasn’t a good boy today.”