Job hunting is not an easy task. Sometimes they have to face many challenges to get a perfect job. the  Below pictures shows that the people those who are hunting job are not alone, they have frustration and depression along.  

1. Why So Secretive?

2. Fast And Exhausting

3. That Clears It Up

4. Looking For Caterpillars

5. It’s Just Cheesecake

6. Not That Unusual

7. Too On The Nose?

8. Do Better Employers

9. An Honest Answer

10. You Are A Cog

11. Taking A Stand Against Never-Ending Interviews

12. Taking A Stand Against Never-Ending Interviews

13. Endure Constant Rejection

14. The Never-Ending Dance Of Salary Negotiation

15. You’ve Been Viewed!

16. This Is A Required Question

17. Flip The System

18. Not Nice!

19. No Respect For Just Vibing

20. The 5 Keys To Success

21. You Have The Power

22. Thrilling

23. Maybe Not Great Advice?

24. Joke-Filled Rejection Letter

25. Is This A Job Or A Cult?

26. Never Rest!

27. Send A Love Letter!