It doesn’t matter if you’re a dog person or not…

Dogs are just like babies. No, we are not saying this because dogs look super cute like kids but we have got other reasons too. When you have a dog, you raise him, teach him, love him, and protect him just like any parent does for his baby. So it’s pretty much the same. 

Our love for our dogs is so deep and strong that we can’t stay angry with them for more than one second. No matter whether they have broken the most expensive vase in the house, teared up the mattress, or chewed something really important; we can’t stay mad at them. 

Out of all the things that dogs do, our favorite thing is when they cutely tilt their head. Oh god, that is super duper cute. Their confused and innocent little eye is what makes our day even better. To show how cute dogs look when showcasing their head-tilting skills, we have collected some pictures. Scroll down to see them.

1. Come again?

2. Silly tongue head tilt.

3. Look at his feet!

4. I can’t hear you!

5. That’s just adorable.

6. Mom, when is the quarantine ending?

7. Meet two-year-old Baxter.

8. What a sight! I’m talking about the dog.

9. Perfecting my head tilt, not sure how much further I can go…

10. Big ball of floof.

11. Look at those rolls.

12. The ears. I’m going to die with the cuteness.

13. Even big guys have problems understanding some things.

If you are wondering why dogs tilt their head, we got the answer. It’s just that dogs try to understand what its human is saying by the movement of mouth and voice. But when a dog does not understand, it tilts his head.

14. What do you mean you can’t play?

15. Do I look cute enough?

16. I’ve been taking selfies since the day I saw the light

17. Momma said G’s coming over to play and I couldn’t be more stoked‼️

18. Fluffball!

19. That’s just a stuffed toy.

20. Beautiful blue skies, a 4-month-old Rottweiler puppy

21. 5 months old today and fully trained in the head tilt game!

22. I really gotta go, mom!

23. What a beautiful puppy.

24. Pug manipulation mode activated…I can get anything I want with this face and a few head tilts!

25. What did you say?


27. She does this when she hears her name.