Everyone goes through a rough patch in life every now and then. This year has been mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting for everyone. Although, we had enough time to spend with our families. But we all were in a constant state of fear of losing our loved ones because of the disease that has killed many people in the world. So, we thought of sharing these wholesome doggo tweets with you just to make you feel less stressed.

1. *Phew*

2. How to impress a dog & its owner 101

3. Hey, Whatcha talkin’ bout?

4. Someone has got the brains.

5. Some even have preferences.

6. Woof actually means ‘I love you’ in dog dictionary…

7. We wonder what the dogs would prefer…

8. ‘To be old and wise, you must be young and stupid’

9. Unnecessary talks aren’t my thing ya know.

10. Dogs in uniform!

11. When you’re the guest at your mum and dog’s place.

12. There are a few things that the dogs already know…

13. ‘Today’s the day. I feel it. Today’s gonna be different’

14. Headline: The dog saves man from drowning!!

15. When you’re already in trouble, but gotta play it cool.

16. Some wishes take time. Others are right there…

17. Dog thinking how to stay calm so it doesn’t give away its plans…

18. Ain’t nobody gon’ tell him right?

19. When your crush suddenly starts liking you too..and you wonder how 😉

20. With relationship comes a lot of sacrifices.

21. ‘Yeah, I have a lot of friends’… Judge: Explain this.

22. Get yourself a cat they said. It would be fun they said.

23. Keep talking. I’m intrigued…

24. Duty calls!

25. ‘Hello mom, i’m alone at the party. Come get me’

26. Exactly how you feel when you know your little bossy sibling is more loved.


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