Have you ever come across a glitch in life? Often it happens, that you encounter a situation where you see two women holding the same bad, wearing the same shoes and dressed identically from head to toe. Or on a traffic signal, same car model in waiting in a queue. It almost feels like our lives are just like video games. So, we thought of sharing some real-life glitch situation with you.

Scroll down to have a look at them.

1. 8 rainbows all in one spot

2. This almost invisible black car

3. This flame is out of its comfort zone.

4. The paint on this building is the exact same color as the sky!

5. Identical puppies glitching

6. At the Le Bon Marché store in Paris, this sight hurts our brain.

7. This wall is glitching badly.

8. Warning: Glitch in the matrix ahead

9. At this café — the painting is glitching

10. Glitching down the hall

11. Doppelgangers meeting at a thrift shop

12. Skyline parade

13. A floating rope

14. Copy and paste

15. “Glitch in the matrix at a tech conference”

16. Triple glitch in NYC’s Times Square

17. Puppies.exe has stopped working.

18. The chicken was glitching while laying eggs.

19. Sextuple glitch on the subway


20. Kittens in duplicate

21. There’s an untangled wire with a looped shadow?

22. The reflection in the water looks like a portal to another dimension.

23. Entering the Twilight Zone at a fast food restaurant

24. Don’t you just hate when game designers put the same characters in the same scene?

25. We are sensing a pattern here.

26. Double glitch in the matrix