When it comes to senior dogs, people usually do not like keeping them. It’s because having an old dog means your responsibility increases. Thus, no one wants them and it’s not fair. After all, even senior dogs deserve the same amount of love and care as puppies and young dogs.

To show you and other people that senior dogs deserve all the love more than ever in their golden age, we have compiled pictures of dogs who deserve a good retirement.

Scroll down to have a look.

1. When I Adopted 14-Year-Old Francis Last Year I Was Told We Would Only Have 4-6 Weeks Together Because Of His Arthritis And Poor Mobility. Well, We Celebrated Our One Year Anniversary Today

2. My Dog Is 16, So I Figured It’s Time For Some Driving Lessons

3. Meet August, Officially The Oldest Living Golden Retriever! She Turned 20 Years Old

4. Almost 18 Years Old And Still Sleeping With The Toy Frog She’s Had For 14 Years

5. Just Cause Benji’s An Old Boy Doesn’t Mean He’s Not A Cute Boy

6. Wynton (13-Years-Old) Braving The Cold With My Grandpa

7. Our 11-Month-Old And 8-Year-Old

8. Cody Is The Bestest Old Boy

9. Good Boy Can’t Chase The Sprinklers In His Old Age, So Now Sits And Waits For It To Come To Him

10. The Arizona Humane Society Uses Boots, A Senior Dog, To Acclimate Kittens To Dogs

11. I’m Elton And Today Is My 19th Birthday

12. He’s Old, He’s Blind, And He’s Very Smelly. But He Is By Far The Bestest Boy I’ve Ever Known. Meet Brewer

13. My 14-Year-Old Golden Retriever, Still Wanting To Play Like A Puppy

14. She Thinks It’s Her Job To Pull Rocks Out Of The Lake. The Big One Is 14lbs. She’s 12 Years Old

15. My Old Boy, Still Around After 25 Years

16. My 19 And A Half-Year-Old Dog Is Starting To Slow Down, We Appreciate That We’ve Had Her This Long

17. My 15-Year-Old Chihuahua Has Very Sensitive Eyes Due To Iris Atrophy. Here She Is In Her “Doggles”

18. My 16-Year-Old Pug’s First Time Visiting The Beach. He Was Born Deaf And Partially Blind From Age

19. Stout Is 16 And Wants Your Scritches

20. I Heard You Guys Might Like Muddy, He Just Turned 14 Yesterday

21. Celebrating Molly’s 16th Birthday With A Walk To The Pier

22. My Millie Girl Is A Beautiful 16-Years-Old. We Adopted Her When She Was 12. She Is Completely Deaf, But That Doesn’t Stop Her From Anything. 100% Good Girl

23. My Best 14-Year-Old Man Chance Stole The Show At My Wedding Last Year

24. Old Man Aegir Turns 15 Next Month. He Converted Back To Puppy Mode In This Mornings Snow

25. My 10-Year-Old Dog Likes To Sleep On My Legs. I Made Her This Out Of Some Of My Old Jeans For Her To Sleep On While I’m At Work

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