Animals are curious creatures, therefore when their are excited about something, their expressions can say a lot. These pet owners shared images of their pets who experienced something for the first time and trust us, their reactions are just perfect.

So, start your day by looking at their adorable images, and you will have a big smile on your face.

25. “Kiwi’s adventure to the outside…”

24. “Mimi tried a lime for the first time.”

23. “What is this? Where am I?”:

22. “Sisters meeting for the first time since their adoption and separation. My baby girl is on the right.”

21. “Took them outside today for the first time since I started rehabbing them (3 weeks ago) and this was the response I got.”

20. “First time my dog saw me in the bathtub she was so worried she had to call for backup.”

19. “I don’t think he likes that whole winter idea.”

18. Getting to know the snow was successful.

17. “My boy always tries to jump in the fridge when I open it. This is the first time he made it in.”

16. “Today my 7 week old puppy saw himself for the first time.”

15. “Her first Christmas toy… What will happen to a Christmas tree?”

14. “Gave the little guy his first bath.”

13. “I kicked over my cats milk and had no replacement. He sat opposite me as I ate my dinner looking at me like this.”

12. First day as a cadet dog. So nervous!

11. “The weather was nice, I took my indoor cat out to sit by the river for the first time. He was very confused…”

10. “First taste of peanut butter…aaaand he’s addicted.”

9. “I introduced my cat to my newborn daughter.”

8. As happy as a little kid.

7. “Apparently this cat doesn’t like rain.”

6. “My lab puppy met the vacuum for the first time.”

5. “My cats’ reactions to seeing the ceiling fan move for the first time.”

4. “Let’s see how it tastes.”

3. She made this dramatic face because she has never seen snow before.

2. “Moved to Florida. My dogs first time at the beach. Notice the drag marks.”

1. “My newborn niece and my sister’s dog meeting for the first time.”