Dogs really are man’s best friend.

Once in a while, every pet parent has always thought “what if my furry friend could talk?”. Well, that’s not possible because dogs know only one language and that’s love. So they cannot communicate with us verbally. And that is not an issue because we like the way our furry friend expresses themselves. We love the way they cuddle us and look us straight into our hearts with their puppy eyes. 

However, there is a Tumblr account named Texts From Dogs that is known for creating funny and cute imaginary conversations between humans and dogs. These texts are exactly how our pets would communicate with us if they could. Scroll down to read the most savage and hilarious text ever. 

1. How did the ink taste?

2. Fat doggo means fluffier snuggles. It’s a win-win.

3. No amount of apologies can give him his balls back.

4. Dogs aren’t allowed to be depressed.

5. Toilet paper is a luxury these days.

6. What sorcery is this?!

7. That was pathetic, human.

8. The dog set me up! Believe me!

9. Your friend Snowy looks like a drug addict.

10. This dog has his priorities set straight.

11. You can’t afford to make any typos with your dog.

12. Scared of his own farts, sounds a lot like my dog.

The creator of this blog, October Jones. He tried to write down conversations that dogs would do if they can. Dogs would really be “all-caps and double-texting” kinds of creatures. And this seems very irritating. But whatever, we will still love them Woof-Woof.

13. It seems like forever since you’ve been gone.

14. The human got tricked!

15. There is a reason why God didn’t allow dogs to talk.

16. Keep your weird friends away from me, doggo.

17. We can trick your mum. Trust me.

18. Not the brightest dog, is he?

19. Even when they bite you, you still want them around?

20. Dogs really can’t hold their excitement in.

21. Learn to control yourself, dammit!

22. Dog vs Postman.

23. Can I just at least hold his leg in my mouth?

24. This reminds me of that Pixar lamp.

25. Reckless dog on a rampage.

Did you like these conversations? Do you also wish your dog to talk? If yes, let us know your ideas in the comments section.