Ever wondered what our dogs would text us if they could? That is a question that has haunted many minds. While we haven’t developed a technological invention that lets dogs speak their mind yet,  we have many creative people in this world who have a very wild imagination, to say the least.

The following texts might not be actually from a dog but if dogs could text, this is probably what they would do. From the repetitive use f capslock to saying the same thing again and again, these texts capture the personality of a dog perfectly. So scroll on below and take a look at what your pooch might have to say.

#1 The taste can tell a lot about a letter

#2 More is less when it comes to food.

#3 I mean he has a point right there.

#4 Balls make everything better.

#5 Why else would you hoard all the toilet paper?

#6 That tail is like a ninja.

#7 I think he has let everybody down.

#8 This dog wants his owner to go to jail.

#9 Snowy looks like he sells some hardcore stuff.

#10 That line is just perfect.

#11 It’s not the doggos fault.

#12 Staring at a wall for that long requires a lot of concentration.

#13 10 minutes is basically a year in the life of a dog.

#14 Never say no to a rap song.

#15 Two-legged twat monkey is a great name.

#16 How could anyone be creeped out by that face?

#17 I think she’ll be so distracted she won’t even care about your life.

#18 Let’s just say dogs arent the smartest in the bunch.

#19 You can’t get rid of the fleas now!

#20 That would be the greatest day of my life as well.

#21 Everyone can get stuck in that mode sometimes.

#22 That enemy might become your friend now, you know?

#23 His left leg is all he wants.

#24 The best kind of desk lamp though.

#25 Who cares where he got the cape?

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