When your pets are bored, you’ll find them doing unbelievable things. If a cat is bored, it will probably show you the extent to which it can be weird. Your cat secretly might be a gymnast. On the other hand, if you have a dog, it will act in such an adorable way that will force you to give them attention. You’ll end up giving them some treats too.

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So, our pets do something very awkward which catches our eyes and we can’t help it but laugh. Some of the people shared some awkward photos of their pets that will set our hearts on fire.

Scroll and warm your hearts!!

1) Meet the derpiest fuzzball to ever walk the earth

2) It seems that the cat is up to something.

3) The only way my puppy would sleep soundly.

4) My new cat has these eyebrows that only make her look sad or nervous, lol.

5) Meet Charlie, my new kitten

6) His best attempt at playing hide and seek

7) This dog knows how to give some great poses.

8) I’m finally free.

9) “I wanted a cat, my wife wanted a dog, we compromised and now have a dog.”

10) How would a lipstick look on a rabbit?

11) Please give me some treats!

12) Teddy has the bendiest neck.

13) Maya really enjoys frisbee time.

14) Hello there! Did you miss me?

15) “My little man”

16) Those eyes and paws are calling me… I would snuggle him all day long.

17) Their friendship melts my heart. 

18) It has been 3 years and yet he cheers me up.

19) After a long day of hard work

20) Cats will get into spaces that you’d never predict, like an empty toilet paper bag.

21) My father’s dog gets awkwardly happy when he is around children.

22) She played, she bathed, she dried…

25 Awkward Pets That Set Our Hearts on Fire

23) He just doesn’t care that he ruined my hours of work.

24) Meet Hugh Quackman!

25) This is Tonka. It’s his first time at the park.