“And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while,” seems like this was written for adorable pets who stare directly into their owner’s soul. When these cuties look at us with their innocent eyes, it melts our hearts and cheers up our sad souls.

If happy dog pictures make you happy, you are in for a treat. Here. we have listed pictures of 27 pets who will make you fall in love with them with their cutest looks. 

1. My sister and brother-in-law rescued him and look how happy he is

2. We don’t deserve the dogs

3. Looking at his cat with love

4. My husband wasn’t allowed to have pets by his parents, when we moved in together I brought him a surprise

5. Charlie’s been home for a month and he looks at us like this

6. I just adopted him, his name is Tucker and he’s a good boy

7. My brother took the cat to his graduation. She liked it.

8. Sometimes I catch her looking at me like this

9. The look on her face when my husband holds her

10. He wanted me to stop working

11. My dog looking at my father

12. I rescued her a month ago from being put down and she’s the most loving

13. I woke up with her looking at me and purring

14. He purred all the way home

15. Zoey doesn’t understand social distancing

16. Old lady and her cat

17. My new Tarzan

18. My cat travels like this, looking at my face

19. My father and my cat love each other

20. I had a hard day at work, and as soon as I lay down she came over to hug me

21. We just adopted Bella

22. Harper likes to lie on top of me and look at me like this

23. Returning home

24. That’s how he looks at me.

25. I was trying to take a funny picture of him and he just stared at me

26. My best friend Indy

27. Cleo admiring her dad