Error, your dog might be broken.

To err is human. But more than us, it’s our fluffy dogs who are making mistakes. We don’t understand whether they do it on purpose but dogs make themselves stuck in weird places where they are not supposed to be. 

Here is a list of naughty dogs who got stuck in weird places and now require assistance. 

How did this happen?

Just looking over the neighborhood.

I just wanted to relax.

He looks pretty happy there though.

Is that a bear?

When you love your blanket too much.

That face!

How do you get stuck there in the first place?

Always in trouble.

The eyes show regret.

Get me out of here.

Nothing to see here, just a dog’s head.

I just wanted to sit on this, but I was too big.

Nothing wrong here. Just act normal.

Hey kids, want some drugs?

A little help here, guys?

The holy floating dog.

He won’t be poking his head in the trash again.

Taking a bath in the dishwasher.

It seemed fun at first.

You shall not pass!

Water is liquid?!

Day 5: They still haven’t spotted me.

Doggy shaming.

I found myself in a similar situation as a kid, not gonna lie.