We always think that cats are beautiful, gentle, and sweet animals that can cause no harm to others. Maybe it’s true but not all cats are sweet because some are shamelessly overpowering dogs. Yep, you have read it absolutely right!

If you have a cat and a dog, we want to ask you one thing- has your dog been sleeping in a place other than his bed lately? If yes, we want to tell you that this happens because your not-so-sweet cat shamelessly steals the bed of your doggy.

No, we aren’t saying that your pets don’t love each other. Well, they love each other like siblings but they also have typical sibling bickering. So they will fight, they will play, and your perfectly evil cat will never let your dog live in peace. To show you how obnoxious cats kicked dogs out, we have collected some pictures. Scroll down and keep an eye on your cats from the next time. 

1. I was going to find a home for this stray kitten, but my cat has spoken and the dog has lost its bed

2. The cat is the alpha of the house

3. He stole the entire house

4. I’m fine

5. The anguish after losing his bed

6. The king has claimed his bed

7. Not today

8. I bought the dogs a new bed, but…

9. I know who has won this battle

10. Always a gentleman

11. Are you seeing this?

12. Boots tried to steal Poppy’s bed, but he said no

13. He cries every time he steals his bed

14. You can’t just steal from a malamute

15. He stole it in his face

16. Who’s the boss here?

17. Why is it there?

18. He had to improvise

19. It’s happened again

20. He can’t say no

21. The cat just discovered the cat bed

22. Cat and dog enjoying their new beds…

23. You stay there

24. The cat really likes the dog’s bed

25. The faces of apathy and disdain

If your dog is also too innocent to say no and end up losing his bed to a cat, don’t forget to share the picture with us in the comment section.