What comes to your mind when you hear of German Shepherds? Probably, a dog breed that is so brave, smart, intelligent, and protective that it is mostly seen in police departments. Well, that’s exactly what German Shepherds are just with a bit of charm and beauty. They have a dynamic personality that can make anyone fall in love with them. 

If you have a German Shepherd, you might know how great they are. And also that they need so much training because they are majestic and exercise is some kind of fuel for them that keeps them running. 

Scroll down to see more reasons why German Shepherds are simply the best.

1. Always regal, Enzo. (IG|enzo.swe)

2. Akela, showing off her confidence. (IG|__akela_gsd__)

3. The most loyal of companions, Harry and company. (IG|meowfromharry)

4. Jess, looking like a scarlet in the snow. (IG|k9sand_kilos)

5. Handsome and always ready to please.(IG|mick_grabfeldgau)

6. Stacked black beauty. (IG|thek9crew)

7. Nobel and fearless. (IG|alefranz_kim.gsd)

8. Cool and courageous. (IG|alefranz_kim.gsd)

9. Striking best friends. (IG|shepherdsphotography)

10. Magnificent white, never basic. (IG|rastawhiteshepherd)

11. No fear, no mercy. (IG|jacksonthehuskyshepherd)

12. Stunningly observant. (IG|theneighboruhoodwolf)

13. Intelligent and curious. (IG|krut.the.gsd)

14. Faithful companions will follow you anywhere. (IG|alefranz_kim.gsd)

15. Long coat beauties. (IG|lunawolfskin)

16. Highly alert. (IG|lucy_lane_the_queen_of_balmain)

17. The heart of a lion. (IG|xabi_thegermanshepherd)

18. Twice the red and black beauty. (IG|meowfrowharry)

19. Hard-working hero. (IG|brinks_the_gsd)

20. Powered by intensity. (IG|jaxxvs_gsd)

21. More than just a pretty face. (IG|murray_thegsd)

 22. Household guardian. (IG|pawsforpresley)

 23. A mind always at work. (IG|zogsd)

24. Graceful in black and white. (IG|catchingupwithcobalt)

25. Forehead devoted. (IG|koba.gsd)