Toddlers and pets are basically one and the same.

Having a baby at home, and having a pet is equally challenging. If you think having a pet is easier, you have to wait until you see their tantrums and cuddles. There are plenty of similarities between toddlers and pet animals. They want enough attention from you and will do anything to get it. You are familiar with the feeling of welcoming a baby at home. Now compare that to welcoming a puppy in the house? Wouldn’t you be worried when they start making strange sounds? When a toddle starts crying, you panic to see if they are fine or not. Similarly, when a pet makes a sound or is sitting quietly in a corner, it makes you worry.

And honestly, when a toddler gradually grows, they become capable enough to tell what they want, but pets never grow old. You have to always treat them like babies and fulfill their needs. But yes, with all this, you get an abundance of love and cuddles from them.

People have shared pictures of how similar their pets behave to a toddler, and we have gathered them to show you what it is to have a pet at home. So, if you are ready to see these wholesome pictures, scroll down and check them out.

1. “Mistakes were made.”

2. “Bentley likes to hide his toy mice under one specific sofa. Here he is with the 13 I pulled out today.”

3. “Today was his birthday.”

4. “Bath time for Roy”

5. “Have you ever been so tired that you fell asleep with half a goldfish in your mouth?”

6. “Somebody wanted us to know he is teething…”

7. “What do you mean I can only have one?”

8. “No ice-cream cone is safe.”

9. “In the pool on his birthday”

10. “Shopping really tuckered us out.”

11. “My boy, Dave, drools a lot, so my mom got him a drooling handkerchief.”

12. “Kevin took a visit to the Land Behind the Dryer.

13. “Pupper found a cozy nook.”

14. “Looking good in flip-flops!”

15. “Look at what we did to your bed: new decoration!”

16. “Don’t move, little doggo! Their vision is based on movement!”

17. “Benz is naughty, and he loves to steal stuff from the toaster.”

18. “His brother was there for emotional support.”

19. “My cat likes donuts.”

20. “My dog got too excited about disc golf and errored.”

21. “I cannot separate Chorizo and his blankets!”

22. “Caught in a swing…”

23. “Mom, I can’t go to school today. I have a stomachache.”

24. “Hey, can somebody let me out?”

25. “Bedtime for Piglet and Teddy”