Having dogs at home is life’s best decision. You see them throwing tantrums, you know that they would do things wrong and still behave as if they haven’t do ne anything. And, they will hide from you when they know they have annoyed you with something. While there are plenty of dogs who do not find the best places to hide and get caught very easily. But there are a few who have aced in hiding.

So, stop everything that you are doing and take a look at these images to figure out where the dog is hiding.

1. Starting with the hardest one of all;

2. If I close my eyes, you won’t be able to see me, right?

3. Alright, that took us a minute.

4. Is it a plant?

5. Try harder…

6. Is there even a dog in this picture?

7. There ain’t no dog here,

8. It’s a new kind of chair.

9. When you want attention from bae

10. We totally did not spend 10 minutes staring at this picture.

11. There is only one dog in this picture.

12. This is a never ending shelf picture.

13. What dog?

14. They are all just fluffy little stuffed toys.

15. Again, this is just a curtain.

16. But like… how did it get in there?

17. I spy with my little eyes…

18. The perfect blend of colors.

19. Is it too weird that I want to give cuddles to this doggo who is just trying his best?!

20. 3..2..1..

21. BOINK!

22. Boop the nosie.

23. You really need to try hard!


25. Bet you won’t be able the find the doggo.

26. And here we have a new breed of dog.

27. Can’t quite figure this out yet.

28. Peek-a-boo

29. Peeking through.

30. Buried under the socks.

31. It took the owner 20 minutes to find the doggo,

32. I want to be as comfy as this doggo is,

33. The perfect picture doesn’t exis…

34. Ready or not, here I come.

35. Water the plants and water the doggo.