Is your dog broken? Had its Brain.exe stopped working?

Dogs will be dogs. They do the silliest things at times. Dogs aren’t really that bright either. They go where life takes them, and then get stuck there. Even though they are really naughty and playful, they never mean to cause anyone any harm. So if you see a dog destroying something, it is probably just playing with it and doesn’t know better.

That is the problem though. They don’t know better. They will follow that skunk and keep sniffing it until it sprays them. We have to deal with the mess later. But you can’t stay mad at them either. They are just too precious and pure for this world.

If you own a dog, you’ll find it getting stuck in countless weird places every now and then. And it’s your responsibility to get them out of that mess no matter what. But except some serious cases, these incidents are quite hilarious.

So, here is a collection of images of some dogs, getting stuck at random places. Enjoy!

#1 I just wanted to sit on this, but I was too big

#2 How did this happen?

#3 How do you get stuck there in the first place?

#4 The holy floating dog

#5  When you love your blanket too much

#6 That face!

#7 Nothing to see here, just a dog’s head

#8 Taking a bath in the dishwasher

#9 Just looking over the Neighbourhood

#10 I just wanted to relax

#11 Hey kids, want some drugs?

#12 He won’t be poking his head in the trash again

#13 Is that a bear?

#14 It seemed fun at first

#15 He looks pretty happy there though

#16 Always in trouble

#17 Get me out of here

#18 A little help here, guys?

#19 The eyes show regret

#20 Nothing wrong here. Just act normal

#21 Doggy shaming

#22  Water is liquid?!

#23 I found myself in a similar situation as a kid, not gonna lie

#24 Day 5: They still haven’t spotted me

#25 You shall not pass!