Pets are so precious because they give us love and emotional support. And their superpower is they can steal our hearts within seconds.

Get ready to fall in love with our furry friends!

1. When you become a mother to a baby otter:

2. Here’s a double portion of sweet noses!

3. Sir Patrick Stewart with his tiny friend

4. The video that can make anyone go, “Awww!”

5. Before and after being called a good girl

6. Looking at this baby skunk makes you forget about its “super abilities.”

7. It seems this girl has the best yoga instructor in the world.

8. A birds’ love has a special charm.

9. “Is it okay if I sit here a bit?”

10. In the embrace of a loving mom

11. “This is a baby raccoon my cousin is caring for. Meet Meeko!”

12. “2 days ago, my wife’s lifelong best friend Whiskey turned 21. Today, he blessed me with this moment.”

13. “That smile is infectious. Hope it makes you smile too.”

14. This guy knows how to pose for photos.

15. “If I show you my toe beans, will you pet my belly?”

16. Adorable Mila has mastered the “puppy eyes” trick perfectly.

17. “New cat, who dis?”

18. Reptiles can be cute too!

19. “I can’t believe something so small is walking.”

20. “Who wants an armful of cuteness?”

21. It seems Potato the Cat’s settings are malfunctioning…

22. The sweetest duck you’ve ever seen

23. A dog who can appreciate the moment

24. “I won’t be bringing your slippers, human. I’ll be wearing them together with you.”

25. Yes, it’s a rat. And yes, those are little kisses.