Dogs are weird, but we love them regardless of that.

Getting a dog at first might seem like a big responsibility. It’s because when you bring a dog, it’s like you are welcoming a new family member. You have to feed them, love them, clean them, and be available for them. 

But do you know? Everything is worth it because the precious love and care you are going to get from them are simply priceless. Once you have started living with a dog, you would not be able to live alone ever again. 

If you also want to know how your life will change after getting a dog, scroll down. 

1. They are shapeshifters. Your dog will grow up really fast.

2. They are independent good boys and girls who don’t need humans.

3. You don’t mind them invading your personal space.

4. They will wait for you to come back whenever you go out.

5. They will give you unconditional love and will always be a part of your family.

6. They will look at you with so much admiration.

7. They are ready to accompany you on your adventures.

8. If you have a dog around at work, half your stress just vanishes.

9. There are two types of dogs and you love both of them.

10. They are also very hardworking heroes.

This is Frida, she saved around 52 people in Mexico’s Earthquake.

11. They can also turn into really dangerous tornadoes.

12. They will surprise you with bleps at random moments.

13. They can imitate cats by turning them into loaves.

14. And if they are sleepy, they can sploot anywhere.

15. They don’t seem intimidating even when they are showing off their toofers.

16. Dogs can also be elegant by sitting cross-legged.

17. A bad case of zoomies will keep you entertained for a really long time.

18. You will find them wondering about the purpose of life quite often.

19. Whenever they are sorry for being naughty, they will display their feelings quite clearly.

20. Dogs care about you, especially when you’re down or confined to the Cone Of Shame.

21. They give the best hugs!

22. Your dog will be your dancing partner when you’re happy.

23. They don’t only listen, they respond.

24. You will never find their screams annoying.