We have heard people saying once a puppy, always a puppy. Dogs are always puppies for their owners. But it turns out to be true. Even though the dogs have gotten big, they still act as if they are small puppies. In fact, their owners can’t pick them up. It seems as if such dogs grow in size only. Their innocence and heart are still the same as that of a puppy.

If we think about it, they are not asking too much. They are our furballs and they deserve the love they ask for. No matter how much they grow in size and look like a panda instead, they’ll always be our cute little puppies.

We have photos of some massive dogs who think they are lapdogs. Scroll down and look at the furry bears.

1) The elusive 180lb lap puppy.

2) This massive doggo is definitely taking up two seats on the subway.

3) Update: big boi got bigger.

4) Not the best pic but ily.

5) Rare 216 lb puppy! (not the hooman, the PUPPY!)

6) If you think you can hide treats from me Hooman, you’re sadly mistaken!

7) It’s crazy how nature does that.

8) Who needs blankets when you have two massive 180lbs and 165lbs doggos to cover you up?

9) He may look big, but he’s still smol inside.

10) Hooman head compared to an Alaskan Malamute.

11) Once a puppy, always a puppy!

12) They grow up so fast!

13) My doodle was out cold for 20 min like this. Not a move.

14) Big pupper: “Why u so smol?” Little pupper: “Am sausage.

15) Big boy (270 lbs of love) with 5’2 human for scale.

16) Not sure if this massive fluffy creature is a dog, but 14/10 would pet.

17) Everything seems normal here. Wait, hold up! What is THAT?

18) It doesn’t matter if they are big or small, cuddles are cuddles!

19) Bear hugs are the best! (Puns intended).

20) Recently adopted Great Pyrenees is a big boy! And a sweetheart!

21) My English teachers huge boi named Havoc, You should follow Havoc on Instagram.

22) This good boy did a heck of a grow this year.

23) Big doggo loves big snow.

24) When your dog thinks he is a lap dog…..