If you have a pet, your life is, most certainly, full of adventurous. It’s just that pets are always up to something mischievous and can never sit silently without getting themselves into trouble. But if they are silent, be ready because there is a bigger storm on its way to turning your life upside down, at least for a few seconds. 

Having a pet is definitely a beautiful feeling but you got to be alert every time because your little pooch or feline can give you a mini heart attack (without even trying). Ya, we know that you would always do a few extra things just to make sure that your pet is safe and protected. Believe us, even we do the same. 

However, the thing is we don’t know what’s going on inside the tiny brain of our doggos & cattos and that’s where the problem gets started. But we can’t blame them because hey, they are cute, and they just don’t know that it’s not good to play nerve-wracking tricks on their unsuspecting owners. If you want to see what dogs and cats are up to this week, keep scrolling. 

P.S. You might have to look at some pictures twice because it’s not what you have thought at first.

#1 I Almost Had An Heart Attack

#2 Nearly Had A Heart Attack

#3 My Dog Fell Asleep Under My Daughter’s Pillow And Nearly Gave Me A Heart Attack

To know more about how it feels to have a pet that gives a near heart attack to the owner, we have reached to @_sumola_. She is a Twitter user who has shared a picture a few days back of her black cat that seemed to have its tail chopped off. 

@_sumola_ then told us about Void, a mischievous guy that is her roommate Tally’s cat. Tally said “as Void is the darker darkest, he likes to act very mysteriously. But he’s also a huge dork. He will reach his paw out to pet you (nails included on occasion) in order to ask for pats.”

Tally further told that pets act this way in general because of two reasons. “First, they’re little evil gremlins who delight at torture, and second, they like the way you give them the good-good attention afterward.”

Also, Tally told us that Void is black “he likes to sit in the darkest of places, be it my laundry hamper, under the bed, bookshelf, closet.” About her pet’s name, Tally said that “yes, Void’s name was UnaVoidable.” We surely saw that part coming, right?

#4 Cat Gave Me A Scare This Morning. It’s Paprika

#5 Had To Look Twice

#6 The Owner Found His Dog Lying On The Floor, All Covered In Red Sticky Liquid. It Was Just Dragon Fruit All Along!

We also talked to psychotherapist Megan MacCutcheon. She said that there is always a threat when we have a pet. “Things like adjusting to owning a new pet, training a pet, acquainting new pets and existing pets, introducing pets and children, and finding solutions to various responsibilities in terms of help with pet sitting, dog walking, etc.”

And the saddest thought is knowing that your pet will pass one day. “While many pets seem forever young, they do age, their health eventually declines, and we are faced with even more responsibilities as we take care of the additional duties and demands that come with caring for an elderly or sick animal.”

#7 My Dog Its Trying To Scare The Hell Out Of Me

#8 The Doggo Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack

#9 One Christmas Eve Night

#10 For A Second I Thought There Was A Hole Inside His Belly

#11 That Spooked The Crap Out Of Me

#12 What About This?

#13 Gives Me A Heart Attack Every Time, But He Loves To Sleep Like That!

#14 When You Got Home And See Your Dog’s Mouth Full Of “Blood”

#15 My Aunt Got Her Dog Groomed. The Groomer Only Has Half Of His Right Arm. It Looks Like He’s Elbow Deep Into The Dog, And It Freaked Me Out When I First Saw The Picture

#16 Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night To A Notification That My Security Camera Detected Motion. Cue Instant Heart Attack

#17 Look At The Bengal Tiger… No, No, Wait…

#18 My Dog Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack Today, I Thought She Attacked Our Other Dog Outside And Had Blood All Over Her Face. Then I Saw A Seed And Realized She Got Into The Tomatoes.

#19 I Nearly Had A Heart Attack When I Saw Him Sleeping Like This

#20 Moving Things Around In The Garage. About Gave Me A Heart Attack

#21 She Thought She Dug A Treasure For Me, I Almost Got A Heart Attack

#22 Almost Had A Heart Attack When I Got Home Today

#23 The First Time I Saw Him Do This, My Heart Almost Stopped As I Thought He’d Died

#24 Here’s Another One