A bad dog? What’s that?

There is nothing like a bad dog because a bad dog doesn’t exist. All the furry angels who have blessed this world with their presence are good and we love them a lot. And more than us, these cuties love us. Awww!

That’s why we always come up with amazing dog pictures that can fill our hearts with love and laughter.  

1. Doggo does a save

Doggo does a save

If I was a UPS driver I would be sad that I’ll never get to see some of these doggos again.

3. Dogs saving an entire species

They made a movie out of this too! It is called “Oddball”

4. The goodest boy.

“Just running out to get milk, huh?”

5. Husky Lost In The Woods, Caught On Camera Making Friends With A Buck

He wasn’t lost. He was just finding himself.

6. Naptime!

This is Henry and Baloo from @henrythecoloradodog

7. He remembers what it was like being a stray.

He even gave the pup company! So sweet!

8. Golden Retriever retrieving gold

They’re called retrievers for a reason.

9. A stray dog that helped kindergartners cross the road got a dog house and an appreciation star

What a chonky good boy!

10. A pelican befriended a stray dog who was often spotted hanging out all alone along the boat docks. The man who photographed this has adopted him but brings him back every day to see his friend, Petey the Pelican.

If I know pelicans, he’s just biding his time until he’s big enough to eat that dog.

11. Who’s cutting onions in here?

It has a happy ending though.

12. When someone in your pack is healing, you need to be close by for support & love.

Such a strong support system.

13. Doggo supervisor

“Lunch is a half-hour, Kevin. It’s time for tre- I mean work”.

14. Inseparable BFF

What dog breed is that on the left?

15. This dog donated blood to save another pup

Not all heroes wear capes.

16. Italian Coast Guard dog getting ready to jump into the ocean to rescue a person.

So basically, the dog jumps into the water and the guy being rescued can’t resist and comes to pet it.

17. This dog is being a bro, and you can be one too by not letting your loved ones drive drunk tonight

I want a car ride with this doggo!

18. Monkeys grooming a stray dog

The look of contentment on the dog’s face, though.

19. My grandma’s cat is scared of everything except her dog

Together, they make the void.

20. Rescue number 2 giving rescue number 3 some reassurance her first week here… (also, I think teaching her to sit just right for double treats).

“Don’t worry, kid. I’ll show ya all the best tricks.”

21. Saved the dog on the left from a kill shelter…brought her home to our dog on the right who was rescued from a dogfighting ring and is NOT good with other dogs … within an hour this is them 🙂

This warmed up my heart.

22. Queen Jinjur and Her Royal Guards

Queen Jinjur from the Oz books?

23. Papo (dog) and Oslo (kitty)…. she crawled up in there, sneaking and skulking.

I just wanna pat that dog on its stomach.

24. Dogs aren’t allowed in the bed, but I’m recovering from knee surgery and my partner is away at work for the week.

Dog? That is a horse.