Life puts your through sitiations when you want to use the facepalm emoji. Well, these situation that we are sharing with you would make you go ‘Argh’!!

Scroll down to check out these dramatic situation which are worse than stepping on a lego.

1. If only you could drive past these big trucks.

2. Looks like you cannot get a perfect Crayola tip every time.

3. Sometimes opening the lid can make it look like Wolverine helped you do it.

4. Maybe your password is so strong that it’s wrong no matter what you do.

5. Promised something good and got shortchanged.

6. “Bit into a breadstick yesterday and found out it was more of a bread tube.”

7. That ever common problem with zippers

8. Our flat TV fell flat on its screen.

9. The very definition of “defeating the purpose”.

10. My belt loop got caught on the door handle.

11. “This $5 Lunch Wrap that is mostly tortilla.”

12. The laundry basket is just there!

13. The inside of the cone is as empty as your heart is when seeing it.

14. This bathroom stall lock cannot do what it was intended to do.

15. “When you have nothing but a $20 bill and the machine gives you only quarters as change…”

16. Sometimes those seals on packaged drinks are just too strong.

17. Some kid didn’t get their toy.

18. Followed the instructions and yet…

19. You went out rocking your new shoes and they brought home actual rocks.

20. When the snack you paid for got stuck in the vending machine:

21. There are 2 of the same answers, you pick one and you’re wrong.

22. Touch screen phones are cooler than old phones, until this happens.

23. Tall people problems on an airplane

24. When last piece won’t fit:

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