People responded to Twitter Icon Abby’s post about her terrible moment when a joke didn’t land with comparable scenarios. The end result is a collection of stories that made us cringe and giggle at the same time. Vote for the most embarrassing moments in the comments!

1. Taking the Elevator

2. In The Middle Of Labor

3. What A Dump

4. Just Wait Until Mom Finds Out

5. Make A Return Please

6. Posing a Simple Question

7. There is no denying the family resemblance.

8. Joking With A Surgeon

9. More Wine, Please

10. A Total Lightweight

11. Are there any last questions?

12. Using A Public Restroom

13. A Member Of The Band

14. The Pinnacle of Pun Humor

15. Please, a Dinner Date First.

16. Beware The Ides Of March

17. Dinner With Twins

18. Excellent Veterinarian, Disappointing Hairdresser

19. Bribery with Candy

20. A Big Fan Of 1947

21. Isn’t That Your Job?

22. Selling Raffle Tickets

23. Getting in the Way

24. The Doors Are Closing…