Whenever we are taking selfies, we look for the right angle, correct light, and do our best pose to look good in each picture. No matter how many selfies we have clicked before, none of them can be as awesome as animal selfies. Yes, you have absolutely read it right! 

The art of taking selfies is not just limited to us as it has reached the animal kingdom as well. And the best thing, animals are way better than us and they seem to enjoy it. We know it might be sounding a little weird to you but it is true. And once you will see the amazing animal selfies that we are talking about, you can’t help but agree with us. 

To show you how great animals look when they click pictures, we have collected the selfies of everyone from the family pets to the forest residents. You can scroll down and can take a look into the private lives of these stunning animals 

Also, if you are wondering how we know about it, it’s because of Allan Dixon who calls himself “The Animal Whisperer”. He has shared the secret of getting a perfect animal selfie. Other than Dixon, this thing has also been proved by David Slater, a photographer, who has accidentally left his camera unattended in Indonesia. When he later came back to collect his camera, he was stunned by the beautiful pictures of animals.

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Happy scrolling!

1. The perfect moment captured with the Hollywood sign.

The dog pretty much seems to own that sign.

2. Just one with ma dawgz…

3. Same expressions!!

4. When you accidentally turn on the front camera…

5. But first, Let me take a Hors-ie, Geddit?

6. ‘Smile for the camera now, Will you?’

7. Did the guy want a selfie with the kangaroo?

Or is it the other way round?

8. Another picture-perfect quokka moment.

9. This dog must’ve realized it’s Friday night.

10. This horse looks like he’s lovin’ it.

Spot on!

11. All about that Gangsta life

coz he’s bad…

12. Did someone say Met Gala 2020?

Coz she just winged it.

Did you like these amazing pictures? If yes, keep scrolling because we have got some more photos for you. Yay!

13. Only if our tongue out selfie game was THIS strong

14. ‘Games over’ selfie.

Mesmerizing but terrifying.

15. This is how the pups gon remembers their first family picture.

16. Pretty much sums up our ‘Realizing its Monday’ selfie

17. His first attempt at taking a selfie

Can certainly do wellll.

18. Looks like somebody has upped their selfie game.

19. We’re sorry but did the two dogs in the background photobombed his selfie?

We’ve never seen someone THIS excited about it.

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20. ‘C’mon now pose for the camera’.

Did he get his right angle?

21. There are two kinds of people in this world…

Yep, we know who’s who.

22. Another accidental selfie.

‘What’s that? oh…just my face’

23. Someone’s visit to the zoo was worthwhile.

24. Straight outta Justin B’s Beauty&TheBeast music video

Did he do it right tho’?

We know you are also totally blown away by these super amazing and thrilling selfies. Also, don’t forget to tell us how much did you like this post. We would love to hear it from you.