Despite the fact that so many unbelievable things exist, we get surprised when we see some of them. Whether it’s multi-color corn cob, a giraffe with dwarfism, a fantastic dandelion, or something else, we are always shocked. 

So, to give you a little more shocks and show you some out-of-the-world things, we have compiled a few images. Scroll down to have a look. 

23. The Australian Mary River turtle’s trademark is its unusual hairdo and a unique ability to breathe through its butt.

22. A giraffe that has dwarfism

21. This toilet has a special privacy button that covers the sound of your poop plops with ambient noises:

20. “When I was 5 y.o., I gave my dad a ‘ring’ made of just a keychain ring. 22 years later, and he’s still wearing it.”

19. A fantastic dandelion

18. Clear soda nozzles so you can tell if they’re cleaned regularly

17. Jupiter’s Aurora Polaris captured by the Hubble telescope

16. That’s what a multi-colored corn cob looks like:

15. This service dog has just given birth to 7 puppies right in the airport:

14. “My perfume looks like a mini window-cleaner bottle.”

13. A 700-year-old house in Iran

12. “Wanna dance?”

11. This laundry basket has the meanings of all the symbols on the care label:

10. “My employee forgot to close the bathroom window last night. Today, I met this baby hawk.”

9. A usual day in the London underground

8. “This 5-leaf clover I picked grew roots instead of dying after a few days.”

7. Extreme rest

6. Beautiful design

5. “An old lady in Vietnam gave us a boat ride and made a grasshopper out of palm leaves!”

4. “My battery has a charge port on it.”

3. Amazing graffiti with a depiction of the Greek gods

2. It’s not a gummy bear. It’s an Amber Amulet from 3,500 years ago.

1. “Go away, human! From now on, it’s my house!”

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