For some, getting rid of their trash is necessary. But on the other hand, there are those who find the trash useful and is the most unexpected treasure of their life. You can be surprised at how things can be transformed and be used in the best way for some people. Have you ever encountered a situation where you picked up a treasure from the most unexpected place in your life? If you correctly remember, ten do share with us what it was and how you have utilized it.

23. “Found someone’s birthday card. Never even opened.”

22. A guy found a gaming chair. It was absolutely perfect.

21. “These wine packs were thrown away.”

20. “Found an old couch. I want to renovate it a bit.”

19. “After a $35 part, this 55” Curved Samsung 4K TV that was saved from the dumpster works like new!”

18. “This watch was marked as damaged for having a broken clasp. I took it to the watch repair kiosk and he said it wasn’t broken, they just didn’t know how to work the self-adjusting clasp.”

17. “Found this 1934 first edition of Mary Poppins in the trash.”

16. “Found this vase by a dumpster in Chinatown.”

15. “I found this toy bacillus in a dumpster. It’s absolutely new!”

14. “Found 35 paintball guns in a dumpster. Half worked perfectly fine and the rest just had stuck slides.”

13. “Someone threw away this dishwasher. It was maybe one-year-old and barely used!”

12. “Walked past a dumpster and saw a small box on top. It was filled with Soviet space pins.”

11. “Found a leather recliner with 9 different massage settings. Everything works great!”

10. “Found this MacBook Air with cracked screen, but it works great on an external monitor!”

9. “Found this parrot sculpture. Took it home next morning.”

8. “I found this makeup near a dumpster. It was all brand new and never opened!”

7. “I go to a private school, and many students are very rich and very wasteful. I found everything I’m wearing in the trash.”

6. Someone threw away this Mendini MV300 violin.

5. “Found in the alley. It weighed a million tons because those pillars are real marble.”

4. “I regularly check the content of the dumpsters in my appartment complex. My best find so far: a $400 Bose PC speaker system.”

3. “Found 3 working game consoles at once!”

2. “Tenants in my apartment complex got evicted. Left this in the dumpster.”

1. “It’s amazing what people will throw away. My wife needed a bike and she absolutely loves it!”

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