When people want to be personal, they go to Twitter. Here are the funniest tweets from folks who spoke precisely what was on their mind.

1. Total Lazy Mode

2. Prices May Vary

3. An Awkward Work Moment

4. The Power Of Libraries

5. This Fear Is Real

6. It’s All One Body

7. Having Past Life Experience

8. Once A Gifted Student, Always A Gifted Student

9. Reading Through History

10. A Problem With Passwords

11. In Need Of A Recharge

12. Time For A Game Of Chess

13. Welcome To Modern Parenting

14. Living That Single Life


15. Work, Work, Work

16. A Sign Of Hope

17. No More Sunshine

18. Tricked By Grandpa

19. Just A Little Embarrassing

20. The Worst Part About Traffic

21. When Ordering Food Goes Wrong

22. The Solution To Their Problems

23. Got A New Job