Take a journey into the darkest corners of history to witness the spooky and the curious. Viewers beware: This one is not for the faint of heart.

Cameras malfunction all the time – at least that’s one way to try to explain these bone-chilling photos. Are these real-life photos from r/ghosts minor camera glitches, or are they actual encounters with the paranormal? There’s just no way of telling.

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1.Feels Like Being Watched

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2. Checking On The Baby

3. Lurking In The Background

So, the story of this is that my friend had just moved into her new place in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Her dog hopped up on the chair, she thought it was cute, and sent me a pic of it. Months later, her girlfriend noticed something in the back of the hallway. She was home alone, doors/windows closed and locked.

4. Peeking From Behind The Door

5. In A Dark Hallway

My family and I went there to eat at the Pirate House and we were told that it was haunted, so after dinner we decided to walk around a little bit and take pictures just to see if anything would pop up. We didn’t expect much of anything but thought it was fun either way.

When I looked through my pictures of the trip, I found this photo. It was taken in a hallway… a completely empty hallway. I used a Motorola Droid. This photo has been unedited other than a little bit of cropping.

6. Living Alone In A New House

7. Waiting In The Stairwell

8. An Unfamiliar Face In The Mirror

Full story: 6+ years ago, ex gf went to Malacca, Malaysia for a holiday with her husband and two kids. After checking into the hotel room, [the] youngest kid (3yo) kept crying and subsequently fell into a fever.

Family group chat asked if they reached safely, she took a snapshot of the TV while in bed to send to family and say yeah, now chilling and watching TV. Brother points out the weird thing in the mirror. They freak out and demand to change rooms. Fortunately, youngest kid recovers from fever after.

9. As Seen On A Baby Monitor

10.A Visit From Her Father

This photo was taken by my friend who decided to take the photo because her dog kept looking at this part of the room. Her father recently passed. She recognizes her father because of this specific shirt. Photo was taken at night with all windows having curtains closed.

11. Handprints On The Window

12. A Dark Spot In The House

13.Unidentified Object Caught On Camera

14. Checking In On A Loved One

Her daughter was sitting at her kitchen table eating a snack when she received a notification on her phone from the monitor she set up in her dad’s room to keep an eye on him because of his health. The notification was that movement was detected, and she realized it was her mother checking on her dad herself. He passed not too long after. Maybe she was telling him to come with her.

15. Standing In The Doorway

I’m normally the person that can’t see sh*t here, but this time my eyes went straight for that door way. That’s pretty creepy. Does it normally lurk in doorways?

This doorway, the one right above, there’s also the bathroom doors. And he LOVES standing in the living room right in front of the couch. NEVER sits on the couch EVER. On occasions, where there are lots of people, he will make himself known by physically showing himself briefly. Freaking everyone out that caught a glimpse of him.

16. Hiding In The Darkness

17. A Stranger In The Background

My mom sent me this photo a couple years ago. It was taken by someone she knows. This picture was taken at Jeffrey’s Cliffs in Hawesville, KY. They claim that nobody else was there when the picture was taken. I assume it was taken on a phone. This place was only recently opened to the public in 2018, this was taken around that time.

18. An Eerily Familiar Visitor

19. Looking Through The Window

20. Out In The Woods

21. Caught On Camera

22. Spotted Just Before Dusk

23. Against The Glass Window

The OP mentioned the window is covered in chalk paint [and] gets cleaned every day.

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