Dogs are soo brave and we all know it. They can fight with the whole world just for their humans. Though they are so courageous, even they are scared of a few things. Like they are scared of tiny dogs that are half of their size, cats, or maybe zucchini. 

If you want to see these cuties who are deep down coward, scroll down.

“What is THIS that you are holding, man?”

Nowhere is safe with these gangs around.

“Human, save me from this crazed predator!”

“What the duck are you?!”

“Jim, I told you that the robots would attack!”

“No, no, I’m not scared, I just need a hug.”

The kitten gang is everywhere.

The floor is lava.

Hey, we don’t judge, doggo, mice are really scary.

 Sadly, this dog doesn’t have a shelf to climb on.

“This is not the park…”

“These long-neck dogs will protect me from the lawnmower!”

 If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

Not gonna lie, we’re a little scared too.

Lawnmowers are very scary, we understand.

When you’re not exactly the greatest driver:

Guess who’s afraid of the vacuum cleaner?

“Please, guys, let’s figure something out.”

Don’t worry, doggies, the car wash only washes the outside of the car.

Someone is not ready to be a dad just yet.

“Those thunderstorms won’t find me here!”

An even better storm shelter than the one in №3

This little, scared puppy is being comforted by his friend.

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